A Guide to CNC Turning Centers: what you should know before buying a CNC lathe.

CNC Turning Machine


The CNC lathe machine is a type of machine tool that was first developed in the late 1940s by George Eastman. This machine is made up of a spindle and a horizontal platform that is moved over a series of axes and a toothed belt on a pulley. The functions of these machines vary depending on the model. CNC lathes are used in various manufacturing industries such as metal forging, metal cutting, metal forming, plastic molding, glass forming, and metal processing.

What is a CNC turning center?

A turning center is a machine that uses a series of complex robotic arms and spindles equipped with a computer-driven cutter head to turn or shape a workpiece. The robot arms are usually mounted on a gantry that may be tilted or rotated to perform various cutting operations, such as turning and threading.

What is different about these machines?

  • CNC lathe machines have been around for decades, but that is changing.
  • Turning centers are on the rise, and they offer more benefits than their older counterparts.
  • CNC turning centers are designed to be more user-friendly and efficient than CNC lathe machines. The turning center lathe is designed with a controller unit, which is connected to a computer, and the operator can input the information they need to get the job done. In order to use a turning center lathe machine, one needs to have a PC and know how to navigate a computer. In addition to this, the turning center lathe machine is easier to use, and it is much more compact. These features make turning center lathes a step up from CNC lathe machines.

What are the advantages of using a CNC turning center?

A CNC lathe machine is an old-school tool that usually has a long, narrow bed with a lathe in the center. The bed is connected to a gantry arm, and the gantry arm is connected to a spindle that sits on top of the spindle is a milling head. This type of machine is great for shaping and producing chips. However, over the years, the CNC lathe machines have evolved. The CNC turning machine center is a new tool that is a lot faster and easier to use. What separates it from a lathe machine is that it has a large bed and it is capable of turning large pieces of metal. Plus, the CNC turning center can turn at speeds of up to 200 RPM compared to an old-school lathe machine that can only turn at speeds of up to 7.5 RPM.

What are the advantages of using a CNC turning center with a lathe?

A turning center is a CNC machine that is meant for turning large, flat surfaces. A CNC lathe machine is used for smaller, angular surfaces. Unlike the lathe machine, the turning center does not need to be set up on a table, making it more portable. It also does not need to be moved to change the direction of the workpiece, which can be useful when making parts on the fly. CNC turning centers are more affordable and commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries, as they are easier to use and more cost-effective than a lathe machine.

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