A G&G CM16 Raider: An Airsoft Gun That Should Be in Every Collection

The G&G CM16 Raider family of AEGs (automatic electric guns) just might be the best M16/M4 reproductions that have ever graced the catalogs of airsoft gun sellers. Unbelievably rugged, high performance, upgradeable, and affordable, there just aren’t enough good things for us to say about the G&G CM16 Raider. We’d never run out. It’s an airsoft gun that should be in the collection of every serious competitive player.

Check out the G&G CM16 Raider-L M4/M16 Carbine available at MiR Tactical for reference. This is a gem among gems.

It features a bombproof polymer receiver and even better internals. Made of high quality synthetic polymer that is both lightweight and tough, this CM16’s facade is nearly indestructible, and will not absorb water, is resistant to breaking and deforming, and is corrosion-proof.

As for the internals, there’s even more to love. It has a version 2, full-metal, fully upgradeable gearbox with 8mm brass bearings. Lesser gearboxes that cannot be upgraded leave plenty to be desired when the platform starts to wear out, and those with plastic bearings are even worse. Plastic can melt, burn, shear, crack or deform under stress, with plenty of room for failure. Solid brass bearings, not so much.

The platform also features a 6.03mm tight-bore barrel for exceptional speed and accuracy. It has an adjustable hop-up so you can dial in your shots for accuracy and distance, just in case. It’s also capable of semi and full-automatic modes of fire, with a selector switch and a crisp trigger, and it comes with a 450 round magazine, but it’s compatible with many others developed for M4/M16 style electric airsoft guns.

Even if it weren’t for the fact that you can upgrade parts for this electrically powered airsoft replica, the rest of the platform offers you plenty more to love. It’s four pounds, nine ounces, remarkably light and maneuverable and excellent for close quarters combat or CQB. It also features a six position crane style collapsible stock, and total length varies from 31 to 35 inches depending on adjustment.

There is a full-length Picatinny rail over the receiver and the platform sports a generous section of quad rail, so it’s perfect for mounting whatever airsoft attachments appeal to you. Add a scope for long-range shooting or drop a red dot on it to make it the ultimate CQB machine. There’s plenty of room for lights, lasers and whatever else you think you could need.

While this is a gem of an airsoft gun that nearly any player could appreciate, if you’re more interested in other models, the recourse is the same. Visit MiR Tactical at MiRTactical.com. There you’ll find plenty of these in addition to whatever other airsoft guns, accessories and attachments you could possibly need.

Their collection contains every type of airsoft gun you could want, from machine gun replicas to gas powered airsoft guns, including gas blowback airsoft pistols and rifles. They also have plenty of spring powered airsoft guns for you purists, like bolt action airsoft sniper rifles. With green gas, rechargeable batteries, ammo and all sorts of shooting accessories, they have whatever you need.

Not to mention the fact that they have a price match guarantee, which makes the basic premise of this article even more attractive. You know what’s really great about a G&G CM16 Raider? The fact that it’s so cheap – under 200 dollars when you shop at MiR Tactical. Check out their website today to see if you should get serious about adding one to your collection, and if you have any questions, give them a call at 800-581-6620.

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