A Comprehensive Guide to the Leading Car Tyre Brands

Tyre Brands

A tyre does more than keep your vehicle moving forward, stopping and turning. It’s essential for your car’s fuel efficiency, driving comfort and, most importantly, safety. But with so many tyre makers and types of tyres available in the market, it can be intimidating to determine the best set of Roadstone Tyres Birmingham for your car. 

Our professional team have conducted research depending on the tyre’s reliability, affordability, tread life and industry reputation, and in this blog, we’ll discuss the leading tyre manufacturers available today. 

1. Bridgestone – 

Bridgestone is the top tyre brand, manufacturing high-quality tyres. They own two tyre brands, namely Bridgestone and Firestone. Both these companies came together in 1988. The company covers a range of tyres, including passenger cars, SUVs, and truck tyres. They’ve been the best and most innovative player in the tyre industry. Bridgestone is striving to make more eco-friendly tyres. 

The company also offers high standard run-flat tyres for motorists looking for optimal safety on the road. These tyres can carry the weight of the car during a tyre puncture. It enables the vehicle to drive up to a specific distance at a limited speed on a deflated run-flat tyre. So, if you don’t want to keep a spare tyre in your car or want to get tyres from a reputable manufacturer, Bridgestone is the best option for you. 

2. Michelin – 

Michelin is one of the most popular tyre manufacturers in the UK and the world. They sell high-quality tyres in nearly all categories. From summer tyres to run-flats to high-performance tyres, Michelin tops the list in all aspects. 

They offer original equipment and replacement tyres with a limited warranty for about six years. The company makes tyres with long-lasting mileage, such as – Michelin Defenders. So, if you’re driving a sports car, passenger car, light truck or SUV, Michelin is a tried and tested choice.

3. Pirelli – 

The Italian tyre manufacturer – Pirelli supplies high-performance tyres to exotic and luxury car manufacturers, including Audi, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini and Maserati. Performance tyres are ideal for high-speed vehicles. 

Moreover, they also manufacture tyres for the daily commute, SUVs and light trucks. The high-quality tyres of this brand have a high price tag. If you want to enhance your vehicle’s agility and cornering performance, look no further than Pirelli tyres. 

4. Goodyear – 

Goodyear is one of the leading top-selling tyre manufacturers. They make excellent quality tyres for all kinds of vehicles, including motorsports vehicles and off-road trucks. However, Goodyear tyres come at a higher price. The tyre company puts their products through meticulous testing before selling its tyres to customers. As per research, Goodyear tyres outperform their counterparts in all conditions, like handling, acceleration, rain, dust and dry roads.  

5. Continental – 

The German tyre brand Continental is an original equipment manufacturer. From everyday tyres to SUV tyres to high-performance tyres, Continental has a broad range of tyres suitable for passenger tyres. These tyres incorporate a unique tread compound that ensures superior grip and traction on dry and wet roads. Continental tyres feature a unique tread pattern with fewer sipes and grooves that enables the tyre to efficiently evacuate water and mitigate the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions. 

6. Cooper – 

This brand is a new entrant, and their tyres are comparatively cheaper than other tyres. Some of the Cooper tyre models, such as the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tyre is cost-effective and one of the best choices.  

Unlike the leading tyre brands like Continental and Michelin, Cooper Tyres is an independent manufacturer. It can be difficult to find Cooper tyres as they are always sold out. These tyres offer a treadwear warranty of nearly 80,000 miles, depending on the tyre model. 

7. Dunlop – 

Dunlop tyre manufacturers provide some top-notch characteristics in the tyre, such as the Traction web, hydro-paddle system, silicon technology, etc. These technologies enhance the performance and durability of the tyre in all terrains. If you’re someone who enjoys fancy things, you must explore the range of Dunlop tyres. 

8. Yokohama – 

The headquarter of this Japanese company, Yokohama, is in Tokyo. They have a reputable global presence, credits to their goal of targeting people looking to improve their car performance through their tyre design. The brand places more emphasis on dry grip and wet handling. If you live in an area that experiences heavy winters, Yokohama tyres are a prudent choice for you. 

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