A Beginner’s Guide to Using Custom Rigid Boxes for Retail Business

Rigid Boxes

         The premium commodities are in high demand because of their unique features. People love to purchase luxury products because of their high-end feel and how they improve their lifestyle. But at the same time, brand management is a bit tough for luxury brands that deal with costly items. The target audience for the luxury products cautiously spends money and wants perfection in every aspect.

What Is a Rigid Box?

Product presentation has to be spot on to catch their attention and persuade them to buy the products. Therefore, the manufacturing companies use custom rigid boxes to pack luxury items. After assessing the market conditions and molding the packaging box accordingly, the brands adopt multiple strategies, knowing what people like to see. Compared to other packaging types, the rigid encasing has a unique status because of its impeccable features like sturdiness and ability to safeguard the product completely. These are pretty dense in terms of properties and can resist the effects of a sharp blow. The exorbitant items can be safely shipped to long distances, and these boxes keep the things properly aligned. 

What Is The Use Of Rigid Boxes?

Even if it’s a luxury one, any item will fail if it’s packed improperly. So, a huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of brands to showcase their luxury items in custom luxury rigid boxes. We can use these boxes to protect valuable products like jewelry, electronics, appliances, watches, sports goods, and much more. Although such items are already of great worth, their value is increased by the rigid packaging that adds more galmor. 

  • Corporate businesses make extensive use of rigid boxes to honor their top-performing employees or loyal clients. These boxes are also used to provide unique presents to loyal clients as a token of thanks. Companies employ a marketing strategy to keep customers loyal to their brand and avoid losing them to competitors. The recipients feel more valued when they receive precious gifts packed inside luxury boxes.
  • They give recipients a fantastic unwrapping experience, allowing them to enjoy the priceless moments fully. These boxes are exceptional at enticing people because of the multiple add-ons and decoration elements.

The custom rigid boxes are great at packing luxury retail products because of their eye-catching style and sturdy substance. They give a one-of-a-kind showcase for packaged items, allowing retailers to get the most out of their business and promote significant growth and sales.

What Is The Best Material For Your Rigid Box Packaging?

The custom rigid boxes are made of various materials, but not all of them are equal. Most packaging firms use chipboard for their bespoke rigid packages because it is durable and can sustain extra pressure and protect the items. Chipboard is typically created from recycled paper, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option. After that, the paper is piled and compacted to form a solid structure that results in the actual box thickness. Its thickness can be modified, making it suitable for all fragile items. Compared with the corrugated materials, it’s of low cost and weighs less. This feature makes it ideal for shipping purposes. Because it is weak and sensitive to water damage, paperboard is a poor choice for rigid boxes. If you decide to go with a paperboard, make sure you get a triple-wall paperboard. This provides maximum security, making it an ideal choice for businesses because of the affordability factor. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard boxes offer extra strength and protection but are a lot heavier and cost more. Kraft material is also used in custom rigid boxes and offers environmental protection. Businesses can use this packaging with the recyclable option. Unlike other cardboard materials, we can reuse them, and we don’t have to rely on using natural resources to produce paper. Companies can also win over customers’ trust by claiming the  use of recyclable packaging and earning a positive reputation. 

How to Use Custom Rigid Boxes for Branding?

The customized rigid box is far better than any ordinary product packaging and extends product reach. Customers who visit any retail outlet with the purchase intent always look for more lively packaging that is adored thoroughly with different decoration elements. Getting the audience on board through the styling of the rigid box directly benefits the business and results in higher customer engagement. More product units are sold if the encasing is up to the mark. We can achieve it by applying the brand color scheme on the box and a catchy tagline. Businesses establish their unique identity through the box personalization. The onlookers readily identify the product because of its color.  The use of bespoke custom luxury rigid boxes functions as a stimulant for a brand since it makes its items more visible and prominent. It aids in changing the market behavior and persuading consumers to visit your brand. 

Brands strive for a relevant position in the market. The rigid packaging gives customers the luxurious feel of a commodity and gives them total value for money. People don’t shy away from spending because they know about the superior outcome and tangible business benefits. Applying lamination on the packaging has its gains. It gives a shinier and glossy look to the outer box surface and tempts potential customers to give the product a try. Depending on the desired look, you can use the Spot UV, Gloss, or Matte lamination.  The logo positioning also matters enormously, and it has to be more prominent. This will allow a brand to compete with the rest and give them tough competition. Embossing creates a 3D effect that forms an excellent touch sensation for the end-users.  Printing a small image of the actual product is also helpful as shoppers know what lies inside. Additionally, we can use inserts and place them along the product to provide more support and cushion. We can also customize these inserts.

Are You Looking To Order Premium Rigid Boxes?

Order standout custom rigid boxes for your luxury business and get them customized by the experts at Custom Packaging Shop. It’s a renowned name in the packaging industry and serves different clients’ needs. The packaging professionals working for the enterprise are adept at customization and craft the box in any shape, size, or color.  There are no set-up charges, and the clients are not charged for die-making. The quality assurance team carefully examines every box before shipping to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. It takes 10 to 12 working days to deliver the boxes. In some cases, the shipment can be delivered in a week upon the client’s request. The delivery is free across the USA. Endless design options are available, and the designers facilitate and guide you. The design support service is free of cost, and you can ask the staff to make any design changes. They politely listen to the client’s requirements and propose a viable solution based on their expertise. You can also get the boxes laminated through various finishing options or emboss the logo.

It also offers custom rigid boxes wholesale deals through which businesses can get bulk packaging boxes with a special discount. This option also allows the manufacturers to check out the packaging box sample. Their customer support team is fully aware of the industry practices and is highly courteous. You can contact them anytime in the case of a relevant query.

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