9 Interactive Virtual Valentine Day Activities, Ideas and Games

Virtual Valentines day celebration ideas

Valentine’s Day always falls on February 14. But, this year we are celebrating it virtually due to pandemic restrictions.  And, virtual valentine day activities are the only safest way to celebrate. For example, games like scavenger hunting and activities like going on an online date. The purpose of these ideas is to promote online conversations and connections.

9 Interactive Virtual Valentine Day Activities and Games:


Most of the People on Valentine’s Day go to a romantic restaurant with couples, parents, and close friends. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to celebrate your family, friends, and close ones.

  • Send Virtual Valentine’s E-Card:

There are many sites with virtual Valentine cards to choose from. Choose one of your favorite graphic designs, personalize it with words, and send it through the magic of email. All Valentine’s Day cards are free, so you and your family can send a lot of love to those special people. 

  • Virtual Valentine’s Day Trivia:

You might think you know everything there is to know about the day of love, but it is more revealing by playing Valentine’s day-themed trivia.

  • Virtual Movie Night:

Virtual Movie Night has made it easier to hang out with our friends as well as tune in to our favorite movies and shows.

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This activity can come to be a habitual virtual date idea, wherein you meet frequently to watch netflix collectively, or watch the show one by one and meet to talk about the cutting-edge episodes.

  • Virtual Valentine’s Day Trivia:

Holiday Trivia is a fun way to celebrate any occasion, whether you start a video call with a few questions, give challenges during a game.

  • Play Some Online games:

Online games for virtual group parties offer a lot of fun options. Fun and hilarious games like Panda Love, Cupid Heart, and Valentine Hunt will be fun for everyone.

  • Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo:

Virtual bingo is a fun way to warm up to an online crowd, start an online meeting, and promote interaction between video call attendees. First, send the bingo board to the participants. Players mark the squares by chatting with other guests. When attendees find other classes describing other players, they write names in the box. The first player to mark five consecutive boundaries wins.

  • Rom-Com Charades:

Rom-com charades is a fun online team-building game to enjoy with virtual co-workers, friends, or family members.

How to play:

=> Divide groups into teams.

=> Choose a romantic comedy by using a random movie generator or choosing from a list of rom coms. 

=> Send a name of the film to a player in a private message.

=> Ask the player to either act on the title or plot of the film.

=> Give teams 60 seconds to guess.

=> Prize points for correct answers.

At the end of the game, match the points and declare the winner.

  • Valentine’s Day Icebreaker:

The exchange of Valentine’s icebreakers at the beginning of team-building events is a good way to start the holiday. These signs serve as low-pressure ways to accept a holiday.

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Ask Some Questions Like:

  • How do you express love?
  • What is your deal breaker in a relationship?
  • Name one past celebrity crush.
  • How did you meet your partner?


  • Virtual Chocolate Tasting:

Virtual chocolate tasting is a fun Valentine themed team-building event to do with your coworkers.

How To host virtual chocolate tasting:

  • Choose samples of chocolate with mixed flavors. Extra points if you choose interesting options such as chili, maple, or passion fruit.
  • Send boxes to your team.
  • Gather on the video call.
  • Taste the chocolate together and share your thoughts.
  • To make the activity more enjoyable, try fun variations like a virtual chocolate-making test or a daring taste test.

Final Thoughts:

Although Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love. The holiday presents an opportunity to care for friends, family members, students, and co-workers as well. Even if you can’t gather to meet with each other and give gifts, you can still enjoy it. There are many fun and creative virtual Valentine’s Day ideas that help you show affection for distant loved ones.


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