8 Things You Need from an Airsoft Store [Whether You Knew It or Not]

Obviously, a big part of the reason you’d turn to the online sphere for airsoft guns, gear, and advice is that the online community is larger than what you have access to down the street. Even if you’re lucky enough to be in the area of a dedicated paintball or airsoft store, the internet puts you in touch with a bigger, broader market that throws up a lot more opportunities.

Whether you’re fed up with your current online supplier or you just don’t have a local airsoft store, here are 8 things you need from one – whether you knew it or not – and what you’ll get from MiR Tactical.

Airsoft Guns, Gear, Attachments, and Accessories
What more can we say? If your airsoft store doesn’t sell the airsoft goods and gear you need, what good is it? Don’t draw the line at spring, gas, and electric airsoft guns – shoot for the brands you want. MiR Tactical carries Lancer Tactical, KWA, Elite Force, Umbrella Armory, JAG Arms, Tokyo Marui, Hi Capa airsoft pistols and Glock replicas, and so much more.

As for tactical gear, airsoft upgrade parts, ammo, gas and batteries, and attachments, they have what you need. Don’t waste your time reading – visit MiRTactical.com.

Low Prices and Shipping
All of MiR Tactical’s prices are set at a low rate out of the gate, and they offer a price match guarantee as well (contact them for details.) They also offer flat rate shipping on all orders and free shipping on certain qualifying orders.

Access to Events
An airsoft store is more than a place where you can pick up a classic army imitation firearm or a gas blowback pistol at a great price. It’s a place that can (hopefully) put you in touch with others that share your passion for the sport and put your skills to use. MiR Tactical, at least, is an airsoft store that can. Visit their website and check out upcoming events.

Wholesale, Bulk, and Team Pricing
For those of you that need to outfit a whole team for an airsoft event, MiR Tactical won’t leave you high and dry. They offer special rates for teams and bulk pricing, and for those of you that run your own shops, they offer wholesale pricing – on the best brands and gear in the game.

Pre-Built Customs
Looking for a cool new airsoft gun to carry into your next match, but don’t want to make a slew of upgrades yourself? Visit MiR Tactical’s website and check out their collection of Pre-Built Customs from Rocket Labs, with Siegtek gears, Maxx CNC Hop Ups and CNC motors – they’re professionally tuned and tested, too.

Revolving Deals
Any airsoft store that doesn’t offer you access to great clearance deals can’t get you very far. The shoppers that are the most assiduous often come by the best deals, and not by accident. MiR Tactical offers plenty of clearance deals at any given time, but you need to check them out!

Mystery Boxes
MiR Tactical also carries a number of mystery boxes that are carried to carry more value in gear and goods than their sticker price. The discount is built right in – so if you want to surprise yourself with a new GBB or AEG, check these out.

An Airsoft Store Customer Service That Knows What They’re Talking About
Finally, it’s not worth working with an airsoft store that doesn’t stick by customer service. Have a question about tuning? About what weight of ammo will perform best in your AEG? About how to make a repair or upgrade? MiR Tactical has your back – you just need to visit their airsoft store or call them at 800-581-6620.

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