8 Secret Tips to Make your Jeans Last Long

8 Secret Tips to Make your Jeans Last Long

Jeans are like soulmates as finding the perfect one and keeping them for a long time is one heck of a job. While finding soulmates may still take some time, this article has 8 simple tips that can boost the life expectancy of your jeans. So, let’s dig in!

  1. Wash the jeans after turning them inside-out

This is the most crucial and insightful tip. If you wash jeans without turning them inside-out, the color is bound to fade with time.

So, instead, turn it inside-out while washing and also while drying it in the sun to save the cloth and color from ultraviolet rays.

  1. Stop washing it frequently

Unlike other dresses, jeans don’t need to be washed each time you wear them as it hampers the quality of the cloth and makes them more prone to damage. However, wash it if you have worn the jeans more than 16 times.

If you have spilled any drink or food, clean that area and let it dry before storing. If you smell bad odors from the jeans due to a lack of washes, apply fabric spray and air dry them. This hack is a lifesaver during summertime.

  1. Pick the perfect detergent

You should not wash your jeans with any harsh detergent if you want to increase the longevity of this fabric. In addition, detergents with optical brighteners can cause discoloration of the jeans.

Use laundry detergent for washing dark-shaded jeans. These detergents are specially made for colored clothes.

  1. Avoid ironing

If you don’t want your jeans to look saggy or degrade the quality of the fabric, avoid ironing. This is because the heat destroys the elastic and makes the cloth thin.

But then, how will you get rid of the small wrinkles on your jeans? Then here’s a hack for you – Start a hot shower and hang the cloth near it. The hot steam will help remove the wrinkles, or you can use a steamer.

  1. Use cold water for washing

Always wash jeans with cold water. Every pair of jeans has some amount of elasticity in them. You can find the details on the label.

In case you have lost it, check if your jeans are stretchy or not.

If the answer is yes, you might not want to wash them in hot water. Because just like iron, hot water also burns the elastic. So, always use cold water.

While cleaning them on the washing machine, use the delicate cycle for better results. This is especially applicable to skinny jeans for men as they are more inclined to shrink. Further, remove them as soon as the cycle ends to prevent faded wrinkles.

  1. Purchase dark-shaded jeans

You might be a fan of wash-colored jeans and love wearing them. But these jeans go through an intense chemical process to create that color. Unfortunately, the process damages the fabric.

So even before you start using and washing the jeans, the durability is already reduced. Even if you use it with great care, it will not last as long as dark-shaded jeans.

While cleaning the dark-colored jeans for the first time, use lukewarm salt water to lock the color and maintain the quality of the fabric. Put the same-colored jeans or clothes together to save the dresses from color running problems.

  1. Take extra care of coated jeans

People are going crazy over these coated jeans; let’s accept it, they look stylish and sexy on every body type. But you need to take extra care of them as the material is extremely vulnerable.

Some brands give very clear instructions on how to wash this type of jeans. However, most companies recommend washing them in cold water without detergent. Then dry them inside out to save the coating as long as possible.

  1. Rinse it with vinegar and keep it away from bleach

Depending on the number of jeans, use one or two cups of vinegar during the last wash. This will wash off every trace of detergent. If you consider bleaching it, never opt for it, as it will mess up the color.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the secrets, it will be easy for you to maintain the quality. However, one more thing you can follow to make your favorite pair of jeans immortal; instead of sun drying, try air drying. It will keep your jeans soft and also multiply their life.


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