8 Mobile Games to Play with Your College Pals

8 Mobile Games to Play with Your College Pals

Technology progresses in tandem with the continued rotation of the earth even the most minute aspects of our day-to-day lives, such as the preparation of food, the means of communication, and even checking in at a hotel. And as the state of technology continues to advance , game creators are always coming up with innovative and fascinating new methods to test the boundaries of what’s possible.

Unfortunately, this idea has been confined to the platform and personal computer formats for many years. On the other hand, in more recent times, the mobile gaming sector has started to catch up.

Most of us are fans of fun multiplayer games, particularly those that help us become closer to our friends. The finest mobile multiplayer games are available in various subgenres and styles, revealing the platform’s full possibilities. Therefore, the next time you and your friend are looking for games to play together, try one of the mobile gaming platforms listed below. Both of you will have fun with the games.

Genshin Impact

The experience of playing video games, like Genshin Impact, is much more enjoyable when shared with other people. After completing the initial set of prerequisites, joining your friends’ worlds may be a fun and effective method to advance in the game. However, in Genshin Impact’s match, entering a buddy’s world requires patience.

The novel’s main character is a twin who goes by the moniker “the Traveler.” They have traveled with their other twin through several other worlds until they reach Teyvat when an unnamed deity splits them off. The fantastical land of Tivat serves as the book’s location for its whole.

One way to play this game is through an internet connection. It takes place in an open world and offers an action-based combat system with character swapping and elemental magic. The game download is free, but a form of in-game microtransaction known as gacha allows players to acquire additional characters, equipment, and other assets.

League of Legend: Wild Rift

It is well known that the desktop version of League of Legends is highly complex and competitive. It motivates gamers to work up the ranked ladder or watch the most significant players participate in esports competitions.

The gameplay of Wild Rift has not changed significantly. However, it is now adapted for mobile devices. It is a friendlier take on the successful model that came before it, yet it retains the same quality throughout. You may have fun while playing with your friends in this environment. You may throw your party using the Party Finder option, which makes it simple to help boost the jam with strangers and friends.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has swiftly established itself as one of the top mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. The first thing that Wild Rift gets right is that it eliminates one of the most intimidating aspects of League of Legends when played on a personal computer. It’s done by showing you what your champion does, where they go, and why you’re going there via on-screen instructions and guided arrows.

Among Us

You probably already know about Among Us if you’ve been paying attention to the video game business or have just been paying attention to various media channels. However, because it is available to first-time players as a free download, it is an approachable and contextually sensitive option for you and a friend to engage in a multiplayer experience.

Although it is possible to play Among Us online with people you have never met before, the best way to experience the game’s entire allure is to do it with your friends. You do not need any prior gaming experience to play this game, and it has recently gained popularity.

The rules of the game and how to control it are not hard to understand. Playing Among Us is a lot of fun since it allows you to test your mental prowess while also giving you the chance to let loose and have some goofy fun.

Pulling a college dorm prank may be an absolute blast if you and your friends are looking for something to do after you’ve finished playing this game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is a game everyone can try, and it’s simple to pick up and play. However, it’s much more fun when you play it online with your friends and talk with them as you play, or when you play it on a multiscreen at your house or anywhere you are against each other.

Not only will you compete against one another in the same online game, but you will also be constantly on the same team. As a result, you can improve as a group regardless of whether you win all of the games, lose some of them, or lose them all; the result is that you will be rated higher than you believe you would be.

Call of Duty: Mobile lives up to its name by delivering the traditional Call of Duty gameplay experience to the platform. In addition, the visuals in the Call of Duty games are often regarded as one of the franchise’s most robust selling features. Compared to most other video games, the characters, the scenery, and the explosions all appear incredibly realistic.


There is no other card game quite like Uno for a gathering. It is simple to pick up, entertaining to play, and packed with unexpected turns and surprises. Even someone who has never played Uno before should be aware that the purpose of the game is to play the cards in one’s hand in order to win.

It is not overly complex since there are only a few regulations to follow, and your buddies may have specific house rules that they always follow. Don’t take it personally if a buddy deals you a “draw four” card; make sure you don’t take it the wrong way. One of the most known card games is now available as one of the most popular online multiplayer card game app devices, so you may play it whenever you want with your friends.


The popular video game Fortnite combines the most enjoyable elements from various games into a single, action-packed adventure. So you’ve got your building, your shooting other people in the face, your resource collecting, and your exploration wrapped up in a nice little bow and ready to go.

The game’s graphic style, which is cartoony and humorous, makes it so much fun. In addition, you can have your cartoon avatar do an entertaining dance virtually at any time.

If any of your pals are playing Fortnite, it won’t matter whatever platform you use because you can play with them. Because Fortnite supports crossplay, joining the same party as your mates is possible even if they use a different platform.


Whether you were expecting it or not, playing Minecraft with other people is the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming. Entering into a world with a pal where you have to rely on one another for survival is the most enjoyable way to play the game. Unfortunately, while the game does have a beautiful and growing single-player sector, this is not the case.

Playing Video games by oneself, on the other hand, is a dreadful time. Minecraft was designed to be played with other people, and cross-compatibility ensures that this may happen regardless of the platform. You might check out these mobile games that allow you to travel the world if the feeling of exploration you get from playing Minecraft isn’t satisfied.

Regarding educational games, Minecraft is often regarded as among the finest and a game that does not include any violence. It is a terrific setting to develop creativity and “out of the box” thinking, and it can teach kids the foundations of programming abilities, collaboration, problem-solving, and project management. It can also teach kids the basics of programming skills.

Pokemon Go

With the release of Pokémon Go, augmented reality gaming reached new heights, bringing the pocket monsters out of virtual reality and into the real world. So you and your pals can walk outside into the actual world and enjoy using your phones, regardless of whether they run Android or iOS.

Players explore the reality in the quest of Pokemon, gym fights, and Poke Stops, where they may restock their inventory of supplies. It is quite possible for groups of individuals to engage in gym fights, instructor battles, or even play games. However, the social aspects of the game are the primary draw for a significant portion of the player base.

You and a companion may take advantage of this and go around the locations close to you to get the whole experience of Pokemon Go.

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