8 Creative Tactics for DIY House Numbers and Signs for your Home

DIY House Numbers

So you have bought your first ever home! Congratulations. The dust has settled, you have shifted happily with your family, now it’s time to call up friends and family for a housewarming party. But since you bought a home in the housing scheme, chances are the house exteriors are the same in the block you live in. 

Do you want your house to stand out that the rest of them all? It’s time you focus on the house number! A house number or nameplate is the way anyone will recognize your home on the block easily. You can either use house numbers or house number signs and smack them right on the gate or the pillar. 

Wherever you decide to place them, you can use creative, cute, and somewhat playful house numbers. If you visit the real estate in Islamabad, you will find similar creative house numbers in some housing societies. 

Let’s take a look at the DIY house numbers and house number signs you can install on your gates. 

1- Mailbox house number 

Have you planted a mailbox (the standard version) with the pocket fence? If yes, add the color to the white mailbox with the house number sign. It’s a great solution to address your house number name alongside the mailbox. 

Visitors will easily find your home and will not get lost even when visiting for the first time. 

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2- Monogram house number 

Why not add some personality to your DIY project with a monogram house number sign? You will need glue, wooden numbers, and a large wooden monogram of your first initials. You can decorate the monogram with patterns or just have it painted. And use the address number with a different color on the top to make it prominent. 

3- Colorful address sign 

Sometimes people are all about using colorful patterns for their house exteriors. So if you want to enliven the house’s exterior.

A modern and floral house number sign is just perfect for this trick! You do not need to hire a designer, just use your aesthetic skills and use color combinations for the shim and the number signs. 

4- Stencil address sign 

Living in the suburbs of Islamabad gives you the edge to be more creative with your home exterior. So why not have little fun using stencils to create an awesome house number sign on your driveway.

A stencil address sign will blend with the natural ambience of the neighbourhood giving it a really edgy appeal you’ll love. 

5- Mid-century modern house number

A house structure with an antique look demands an equal effort with the house number design. It will take just a few hours of work to create an adorable DIY mid-century modern house number. 

You can have it mounted on a wooden block or any flat surface, custom stains the look so that the colours match your house exterior. 

6- Mosaic house number

I bet you never thought of this option before. Mosaics have a certain appeal to them. These are super fun to create too. A mosaic house number sign gives a much funky and vibrant look – hence meeting the goal to make the house number prominent. You can use old keys, buttons or pieces of glass shards to create a decorative house number. You can even buy mini tiles from local stores and glue them together. 

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7- Charming house number 

For this, you can use number stencils and repurpose an old picture frame! It’s a pretty simple and charming way to create the house number sign. If you are a beginner, it’s the most suitable option to try creating house number signs with a frame. It’s inexpensive and gives you the flexibility to be as much creative as you’d like to be. 

8- Wood shims house number sign 

It’s a simple DIY house number sign that requires good woodworking skills. Relax, it’s not expensive, and comes right under your pocket too. You will need saw glue and a drill to install a modern and brand new house number sign with raised metal numbers on a wood shim.


Excited to see these many options for a house number? People usually do not pay much attention to it, but why not add the perfect curb appeal with cute and crafty house numbers and house number signs? Try any of the signs mentioned above that best match your house exterior! 

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