8 Best SVG Animation and libraries

All advanced programs support the SVG filetype and it’s rapidly turning into a lean toward decision among website specialists.

You can plan excellent symbols as SVGs and scale them to any measure without quality misfortune. This is probably the greatest advantage of the SVG design considering retina shows are on the ascent.

Assuming you might want to quicken or control your SVGs that will take somewhat more work. Be that as it may, these free libraries extend to the best apparatuses for the employment opportunity assuming you’re willing to focus on and take care of business in some code.


It’s SVG animation made easy – Create impressive SVG animations online, without any coding skills. Add them easily to your website. Get started for free!


The JavaScript SVG library for the modern web


Bonsai is a JavaScript graphics library. For the finer details, see the documentation (currently in construction).


AniGen is a browser-based editor whose main focus is the creation and editing of SVG animations. It requires an SVG-capable browser and javascript to run. Cookies may be used in browsers which do not support local storage.


Animated SVG icons you will love to use! A free animated icon editor that brings your app, website or project to life!


SVG Artista is a free tool that helps you easily create amazing SVG drawing animations by animating stroke and fill properties of your SVG graphics.


vivus, bringing your SVGs to life Vivus is a lightweight JavaScript class (with no dependencies) that allows you to animate SVGs, giving them the appearance of being drawn. There are a variety of different animations available, as well as the option to create a custom script to draw your SVG in whatever way you like.

LazyLine Painter

Lazy Line Painter can be set up with minimal effort as per these Quick Start instructions. And with the initialisation config and playback options, anything is possible.

Slazzer – background remover

Eliminate and add another foundation to your pictures immediately with Slazzer. It upholds JPG, PNG, and JPEG organizations, and you can in a real sense transfer any picture into it, regardless of whether it’s very intricate.

Their AI PC vision calculation has the ability to separate between befuddling objects like hair and, surprisingly, comparative tones to isolate the foundation.

You can either utilize it on the web or download their work area application to handle pictures in mass consequently. It additionally has a portable application, Photoshop module, Shopify module, WooCommerce module, and Figma module for a similar cycle yet across various stages.

Slazzer offers their API also, with which you can eliminate foundation with a solitary API call.


In this article, I shared 8 different JavaScript SVG movement libraries. Every one of them has a few interesting elements and can be utilized in light of your prerequisites.

I trust my ideas will assist you with picking the best SVG movement choices for your venture. What’s more, remember to impart your contemplations in the wake of working to these libraries.

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