7 Safety Measures At Workplaces While Celebrating Festivals

Safety Measures

Festivals in India in the corporate world are very special. It creates a moment to be together for all the office workers. They feel like one unit. But with the surge of COVID-19, there must be safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals.

Pay attention to these stated below for your own safety at your workplace.

7 Safety Measure At Workplaces While Celebrating Festivals Are:

  1. Ensure that the entire premise is cleaned and sanitised. 

Celebrating festivals is going to happen at the venue. This could be your office building, floor, or another rented place. Whatever is the case, ensure and verify that there are proper cleanliness measures applied to the venue.

That means the caretakers must use sanitisers and other disinfectants properly to clean the place. But there should not be the use of any perfumes or deos or anything similar immediately after using a sanitiser.

This cleanliness is important as the core part of safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals. Then employees and other guests can start coming in with a little stress-free mind.

  1. Have the sanitisers and masks available at the venue.

It’s not necessary that every guest is going to come to the party with a sanitiser or a mask. Make sure to make it available at the venue though. It can also promote a theme of a cool masquerade party if you want to.

This way, people would love to wear a mask and celebrate the particular festival with a little touch of western culture. Also, there could be a sanitiser station at the workplace. There, people can go and sanitise their hands whenever they want to.

But ensure to notify people to prohibit eating anything with bare hands immediately after using a sanitiser. It could be harmful or intoxicating.

  1. Ensure to spread the message to celebrate safely.

You can spread the message of safety, security, and preventive measures before the festival. Do so by using the uKnowva social intranet platform at your office. Connect with your employees. Tell them about the festival and its rules.

Make safety measures interesting, like combining wearing masks with a masquerade party theme. Ask people to vote in favour of conforming to the security and safety measures for their well-being.

This way, there would be enough awareness about the event as well as the safety measures. Sincere employees would follow these rules and motivate others in their team for the same.

  1. Take note of special safety measures for different festivals. 

There are hundreds of festivals we Indians celebrate in a year. Each one has its own flavour and risks keeping the surge of COVID-19 in mind. For example, during Diwali, you can spread the message of not firing up crackers and saving the environment from pollution.

Similarly, during Holi or Eid, you can tell people to maintain social distancing and not spread non-organic colours. As these festivals are all about meeting up and eating together, there could be a severe problem.

So implement the safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals with complete sincerity. For that, you can take the help of your staff as well. Transform the rules and regulations using the uKnowva HRMS into an interactive poll or survey.

Ask your employees about the security and safety concerns during a particular festival. Do it at least one month before. Then, you have ample time to listen to your employees and implement the most feasible pieces of advice.

  1. Ensure that there are severe consequences for breaches.

There will be employees, families, or guests who won’t take the rules seriously. They might take up things lightly because of the festival mood. But your admins and moderators of the festivals have to be a little strict.

Otherwise, each person’s health and well-being could be in jeopardy. You don’t want to just celebrate festivals on one particular day.

So, make sure there are consequences for breachers like:

  • Not getting certain benefits,
  • Ousting from the party for a few minutes/hours,
  • Reducing reward points,
  • Not getting nominated for any prizes or winner list on the event.
  • Name getting highlighted on the Wall of Shame at the party.

These incidents and consequences would make the party more interesting. At least then, people wouldn’t want to breach any rule because they want to win prizes at games, events, or contests.

No one wants their name highlighted in front of hundreds of people on the Wall of Shame, for sure. So that’s just one way of fixing safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals. These could be of any tradition, culture, region, or religion.

But safety measures often remain the same for everyone.

  1. Make sure to maintain social distancing.

The best safety measure to follow at workplaces during festivals is social distancing. There should be any overcrowding at the venue. Set the number of people allowed in a given room at each moment.

You can assign a festival moderator at the venue to maintain this number. If the venue is quite big where you are inviting 200+ people, it’s best to have at least 5-7 moderators or volunteers.

They would ensure that proper social distancing is in place. Also, people should not hug, shake hands, or greet each other in proximity. This feels awkward and sounds confusing to general guests.

But these are safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals safely in the view of COVID-19 cases. Without following these measures, any person’s health could be affected. And you don’t want that to happen to anyone, including your employees and staff.

  1. Ensure there is enough drinking water supply.

As the heat is at its peak in the country, people are prone to heatstroke and dehydration. While celebrating festivals, ensure there is enough drinking water supply.

Guests must keep drinking water to hydrate themselves at any point.

This would calm their mind and body. Plus, they won’t faint or feel weak at any point, especially while celebrating festivals like Ramadan/Ramzan, Eid Al Fitr, Muharram, Buddha Jayanti, Independence Day, Dussehra, etc.


Take good care of your employees and other guests while celebrating festivals. Begin taking note of safety and security measures to follow.

These safety measures at workplaces while celebrating festivals are important. You must not ignore them for everyone’s well-being. That’s why this blog lists 7 such safety measures which every organisation can implement without spending much.

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