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Once Ali advised teachers to go into business to earn more. This sounded rather rude from the lips of a representative of the authorities, but on the whole, the advice is reasonable – in the system of public education in Pakistan, you cannot earn a lot of money without connections and by righteous labor. Although many of the ideas below are more likely to draw on additional earnings and self-employment,… Do you need to start somewhere?

1. Online tutoring

Perhaps one of the most obvious options for additional income or even a business for teachers is to conduct classes online. Whatever subject you specialize in, lessons can be conducted via Skype, Zoom, Yandex Telemost. Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and other services and instant messengers. You can start working in this direction from scratch by placing ads on the Internet. 

Also today there are various exchanges and online schools that act as an intermediary between students and teachers – YouDo, Foxford, Repetit.ru, Preply, Italki, Profi.ru, Tetrika, and others. To work fully within the law, you will need to register as self-employed and pay tax on professional income. We have considered all the main organizational aspects of online tutoring in the framework of this article.

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2. Children’s developing club

Many modern parents are interested in giving their children the best education from childhood. An alternative to ordinary kindergartens can be children’s developing clubs, where training takes place according to any program, ideally qualitatively ahead of the school one.

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Just like in kindergartens, groups here are divided by age, and classes are aimed at creative and physical development, memory development, fine motor skills, preparation for school, and so on. 

Often in such clubs, children learn foreign languages, go in for dancing and acting, visit a psychologist, and some clubs focus on the gaming component. If you are lucky with the premises, you can open a children’s development club with a relatively small investment of up to a million rubles and quickly recoup them.

3. School of mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic allows you to train the mental abilities of children. Teaching them to easily add, subtract, multiply and divide six-digit numbers in their heads, developing attention, memory, and imagination. 

300 thousand rubles may be enough to open a school, and even with one class, you can earn more than 100-150 thousand rubles a month. You can learn more about opening this type of business in this article.

4. Language school

The popularity of language schools is growing every year. There are many reasons for this, firstly, people have an understanding that foreign languages ​​are needed everywhere today. 

Secondly, the quality of public education leaves much to be desired. For starters, you can open a school with the most basic languages ​​- English, French, German, Spanish, and then expand to more exotic destinations. On our website, we have already talked about how to open a language school, and how much it will cost. 

Among the advantages are relatively small investments and quick payback. Among the minuses, are seasonality, a lack of qualified personnel, and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. In connection with the latter, online schools are becoming a particularly popular area.

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5. Robotics club for kids

A particularly popular area in education today is EdTech and robotics clubs. This line of business is not suitable for every teacher or educator who has worked with children. After all, a modern robotics club should be not just a circle or an extended day group, where children just spend time playing with an unusual constructor. 

It is rather a school of additional IT education, where they teach future IT engineers and specialists. Who will be in demand in today’s market? Typically, curricula are divided by age for different ages: for preschoolers 5-6 years old, primary school students 7-10 years old, and teenagers 11-15 years old. The business entry threshold is about 1.2 million rubles.

6. Create educational boards

If you have a creative mind and artistic taste, you can try your hand as a game technician and develop an educational board game or some kind of manual for children. But remember that it is not enough to develop a game, it also needs to be published and promoted. And for the print to come out not too sky-high in price. A large circulation will be required, at least from 500 copies.

7. Preparation courses for the exam

Preparation for the Unified State Examination and the OGE is usually singled out as a special area of ​​educational and tutoring services. Since the student’s future largely depends on the points received. And the exams have their specifics, many tutors train specifically according to standard exam tasks. 

A new niche in this area can also be called online courses using video conferencing services. As well as online training services, where a fee is charged for access to the service. And the work is not with a teacher, but with electronic tests.

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