7 Best Lead Generation Companies for Real Estate In 2022

Real estate is a highly profitable enterprise. It’s no wonder that it’s competitive as well. Investors are seeking ways to make their businesses more appealing to clients. That’s why you should up your game, too, if you conduct business as a realtor. An effective lead generation bureau will help. 

Such companies will find quality leads on sellers and buyers so you can get time to work with customers instead of trying to find them. Of course, not every agency is as helpful as REDX  

It can be challenging picking a suitable lead generation establishment if you’re new to it. Luckily, this article has some valuable information to make things easier. 

About Real Estate 

Also referred to as ‘real property,’ real estate is technically land and any other visible enhancement that rests upon it or that an individual might install in it. Experts refer to land with these structures as ‘improved’ while those without as ‘unimproved.’ 

Kinds of Real Estate 

There are four primary types of ‘real property: 

  • Residential- this is where people live. Examples of structures under this category are apartments, single-family homes, and townhouses. 
  • Commercial- businesses occupy these buildings. Structures here include office space, retail establishments, and warehouses. 
  • Industrial- These structures are set aside for producing or manufacturing goods. A good example is a factory. 
  • Agricultural- Lands used for food, fiber, and fuel production activities. This can include raising livestock or harvesting timber. 

What Exactly is Lead Generation? 

Lead generation is the procedure of finding individuals who need your product or service and leading them into your sales pipeline. The more you stretch your reach, the higher your chances of finding more possible clients. It’s a vital practice for all businesses, but it’s essential in competitive industries like real estate. 

Why It’s Beneficial 

It’s vital for various reasons such as: 

  • It widens your reach by finding interested individuals outside your current customer base. 
  • It allows for more personalized interaction, increasing the chances of converting a lead into a paying customer. 
  • It saves time and money as leads have already been pre-qualified for you. 
  • It builds brand awareness and trust over time, making customers more likely to return to you in the future. 

Ideal Lead Generation Agencies For Real Estate 

Now that you’ve known more about real estate and lead generation, it’s time to discover some suitable lead generation companies for your bureau in 2022: 

Zillow Premier Agent  

Zillow is one of the most prominent lead generation companies in the real estate industry. It connects listing agents with interested individuals looking to buy or sell a home. It offers various features to help real estate agents succeed, including:  

  • Ads that feature your profile and listings 
  • Lead management tools 
  • A CRM for follow-up tasks 
  • Training and support 
Real Geeks  

Real Geeks is a lead generation company for real estate agents that focuses on generating leads through online channels. It includes an IDX website that you can set up quickly. Through its website’s customization options are limited, it offers several sleek, contemporary designs that your leads can navigate easily. 


It’s excellent for you if you seek a cold calling tool that’ll raise your lead generation’s chances of success. It provides an unmatched CRM database, a top-quality dialer structure, and access to various kinds of leads. It also provides lead purchasing sources: 

  • Pre-foreclosure 
  • Expireds 
  • For Rent By Owners 
  • For Sale By Owners 
  • Geoleads 
Market Leader 

This is the only organization that promises guaranteed leads each month. It has several systems in place to help fulfill its promise. It has a well-designed ad campaign intended to appeal to sellers while they’re in the early stages of seeking property.  

These individuals can then input their property details and contact info- which it relays to you directly. 


This company is equally unique. It aims to locate sellers before they contact you and before they realize they’d like to sell in some instances. This grants you an advantageous lead in the competition. 

It can also raise your chances of finding leads for your enterprise dramatically. It uses predictive analytics to aggregate data from all over the Internet to get property owners with the highest chances of selling soon.  


It takes a much more dynamic perspective to real estate. It drums up potential clients’ interest through well-designed ad campaigns rather than waiting for them to notice you. It achieves this by having ads redirected to your landing page and aiming at well-used platforms like Google and Facebook. 


Zurple offers a detailed end-to-end lead capture structure for your real estate agency. Its first move is to release home search websites. You can receive up to ten of these websites for each market or place you work in within your city. They brand the websites with your branding. 

It also assists you in capturing leads with the alternative to buy special search engine advertising services. This service makes sure that your home search websites’ ads get to the top of search engines like Google and Bing. 


Lead generation companies are becoming increasingly specialized. It’s vital to know which one is best for your real estate agency’s requirements. Each company has a different focus, and you must consider what’ll work better for you. All in all, the above options place your company miles ahead of the competition. Try them today! 



By Flavia Calina

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