6 Summertime Team Building Activities for Amplified Productivity Levels

We all want to stay fit and active. But the extreme temperatures of Dubai have greatly slowed us down. Managing the work-home life and tackling everyday pressures are just some of the many factors that can slow you down and make your shoulders droop. One can still make the most of the possibilities at hand. A perfect summertime recalls retreating to adventures in dubai with your best people to kick the summer heat and work pressure for a fun and Vitamin D refilling time.

Going on a summer retreat with friends or family can prove to be of vital essence. Taking some time off will help you replenish the lost energy and also give you a good starting point to begin again. This gives you some time to bond and builds strong relationships with fellow humans.

With that, here is a compilation of some of the fun-filled, yet productive games to play when you are away on a summer break.

  1. Big Picture

In the digital world, everyone is focused on digital gadgets and screen time, especially since the transition in the business landscape. However, taking a contemporary approach can give the five senses a boost!

The adventure activity requires a basic number of participants i.e. 10, but the number can always increase. All of the participants are required to create a colossal painting that reflects the essence of the company, country, or anything. They need to make sure that basic values, norms, and features are upheld in the final painting. Since the team is working together, this activity is focused on building brand awareness and team cohesion, as the member set off to complete the tasks with pencils and colors.

  1. Olympics…on the Beach!

The business landscape has evolved over time. The world now witnesses longer sitting hours and screen time than before. As a result, physical fitness has reduced greatly.

Escaping the office environment gives your body a breath of fresh air as you get a chance to play outdoor games with your friends. Beech tournaments help the players burn some calories, do some cardio, create meaningful bonds, and enhance work-life balance, all while increasing productivity and performance.

  1. Cycling Competition

We have seen athletes flawlessly cycle around the city. While it may look like an easy task, it benefits the human body to an extraordinary level. from increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and decreasing stress and body fat levels, the benefits are simply wondrous.

Holding a friendly competition allows the employees to cycle down the road and enjoy a healthy and memorable time. Along the way, one also meets with like-minded people, enjoying snacks and refreshments and even a winning prize to boost the confidence and self-esteem levels.

  1. Seminars

Seminars and webinars are focused on imparting valuable knowledge. Hosting seminars on effective skills like team building, effective communication, upskilling, pitching, etc. educates the team members. Moreover, seminars also host a community of audience that fosters strong bonds of trust and act as a fertile ground to reap fresh and creative ideas.

These seminars and webinars can also be used to educate the candidates about the environment, health risks, stress impact, and much more. Embedding this knowledge empowers the employees and makes them valuable resources.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

Corporate social responsibility is an act of giving back to society. Undergoing CSR activities helps the birthday party packages in dubai instil a sense of giving among their employees. Many companies undertake the employee volunteer program that helps the team members communicate optimistically and openly about their jobs. This brings forth their motivation and creativity that supports the team and boosts the employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity levels which combines to formulate higher sales and revenues.

  1. Tree Plantation

With the steady increase in pollution levels, tree plantation drives have gained momentum. Combatting the drastic climate change remains a primary reason. Nevertheless, as responsible citizens, we need to encourage such programs, and even host them and join the bandwagon that aims to put their green thumb to the best use.

Before setting out on the tree plantation drives, it is important to give an introduction to the local background and plant according to the needs of the regional and national trees. When the day ends, the team will be looking out on a stunning nature reserve!

The Takeaway

There are numerous team building activities in place for you to pick and craft your day. All of them are aimed at delivering the utmost benefits, along with a fun time. As for the companies, they get to experience positive outcomes, happier and more productive workplaces, and optimized performance. So make use of the summertime and reap the benefits!


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