6 Summer Outfits For Curvy Women

Do you have curves and are over 50? You probably want to find cute outfits for the summer adapted to your morphology and your age. Dresses, tunics, sets, evening wear, what are the trendy outfits for curvy women over 50 to choose this year? Between style and femininity, here are 6 ideas for summer looks to dress you up!

The denim dress, fluid and light

Denim Outfit

Fashion favorite of the year, the denim dress is a must-have for the summer. Do not believe that it is reserved for babes and twigs. On the contrary, a plus size denim dress is perfect for summer. The most flattering for your age and your figure is undoubtedly the fluid and straight denim dress. Neither too short nor too long (so as not to memorize), we opt for a cut just above the knee. A denim shirt dress and a little buttoned neckline do the job perfectly. The main thing is above all not to be stubborn! But also be careful not to choose a cut that is too oversized.

Side cut, it can also be a trapeze dress or a straight dress depending on what you prefer. On your feet, all you have to do is put on sandals, put on a trendy little hat and you’re ready for a summer look in a summer dress.

Plus size printed dress

As you know, there is no age limit for wearing trendy prints. They are even recommended for modernizing looks, as long as they are chosen on suitable cuts. And when you’re round and looking for a pretty trendy printed dress, it’s to the gingham print that you have to turn. The zebra is also in vogue, given the rise of animal prints in our dressing rooms. You can also find trendy plus-size models on the Bleu Bonheur website . But the only rules for wearing prints when you are round: choose a straight or slightly flared cut, opt for the right length (mid-length is a good option) and above all, do not choose an outfit that is too tight.

Flowing pants and blouse

Printed Blouse

The star of summer looks is the palazzo . Ideal when you have curves, these flowing pants are ultra comfortable to wear . In a light material such as linen, cotton or crepe, your pants promise you elegance and modernity. At the top, pair it with a light plain or printed blouse and add a very fine linen cardigan to lengthen the silhouette!

A light plain long dress, cream or khaki

The long dress is a must for summer looks. Many cuts are easy to wear when you have curves. The long wrap dress, the long ruffled dress or the long flared dress. It is on this that we advise you to linger in priority. Khaki or cream for an elegant natural style , wear it with a trendy handbag, a long necklace and chic sunglasses. The cut can be very simple or it can be a long shirt dress. The latter again has the advantage of refining the silhouette!

A yellow look for a healthy glow

yellow draped dress

Yellow is obviously the color of summer. Solar and colorful, yellow in a look is undeniably eye-catching. It illuminates the features and brings modernity. Always taking care to choose a yellow that suits your skin tone , opt for a light yellow draped dress or a plain or printed yellow top.

7/8 pants with a modern top

The 7/8th cut of pants is perfect for curvy women. It lengthens and structures the silhouette, especially when worn with heels. Of course, if you can, choose a light material. Again, we recommend linen or light denim canvas . At the top, a simple marinière or a basic T-shirt accompanied by a jacket is enough to give style to your look.

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