6 Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Repairing

Hot Water System

Hot water system helps in heating the water in the cooler months. This appliance is a part of our daily routine and must be maintained properly. But, hard water and dirt could accumulate inside the appliance. Just like other appliances at home, it is crucial to clean the water heating system. Regular servicing not only increases the life of the system but also ensures even heating of the water. When the system develops a fault, it starts giving certain signs. You need to keep an eye on these signs and hire the repair specialists as soon as possible: 

  1. Rust 

If the water coming from your tap is orange in colour or there are brown coloured patches on the system, then you must seek help from heating system repair specialists. This colour indicates the presence of rust inside the appliance. Rusting could occur because of several reasons such as corrosion, mineral deposit and bacteria growth.

The repair and cleaning specialists extract the water from the system and use relevant machines and cleaning products to remove the rust. The specialists find out the leakages due to rust and fix the problems with the right techniques. 

  1. Uneven Water Temperature 

A good water heating system should be able to keep the temperature consistent. If you are not able to receive equal hot water from all the taps of your home, then you should book hot water services. The experts inspect the system and try to fix the leakages, blockages and malfunctioned components of the water heating system. 

  1. Old Water Heating System 

Do you know that you can use a hot water system for almost 8-10 years? But, you would be able to use the system for up to 10 years only after taking care of it. Ignoring the maintenance of the water system could lead to replacement. You have to book professional Gas Heater Cleaning Melbourne services at least once a year to ensure the prolonged life of the water heating system. 

  1. Low Pressure 

You could check the pressure inside the gas hot water system Melbourne with help of a pressure gauge. Low pressure indicates that there are leakages in the equipment. Even the deposition of the minerals in the heater could affect the pressure of the system. If you notice a reduction in pressure, you should immediately ask the experts to repair the fault. 

  1. Increased Electricity Bills

If the utility bill is higher than usual, then you must consider repairing your water heating system. When there are leakages or blockages in the machinery, the system takes more energy to heat the water. That’s why the electricity bill increases. Booking hot water services at the right time could be beneficial in controlling energy consumption. 

  1. Odd Noises

When the water heats up in the system, it makes a little noise. But, weird and loud noises coming from the system could be an indication that your water system required repairing. Calcium and dirt particles settle down in the system and create deposits. When water falls on the deposits, it makes some strange noises. So, it is important to get the cleaning and repairing done frequently. 

How Often Should I Book Hot Water Service?

The signs that are given by the system must be checked frequently by the house owner or commercial property owners. Even if you don’t a detect problem in the system, make it a habit to hire specialists at least once a year. Domestic water heaters, commercial water heaters and industrial water heaters must be serviced after every 12 months. 


Gas hot water system Melbourne and electric water heaters could fail to perform their function because of a few reasons. Different signs such as corrosion, noises, low pressure, and inconsistent temperature could help you in knowing the need for repairing the system. Professionals use modern methods and approved products to fix the problems related to the heating system. 


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