6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Is Key to Your Business

Marketing Automation

Every business aims to lead in their respective field to make high revenues. However, using manually executed marketing strategies and tactics can hold a company back from being ahead of its competitors.

Marketing automations swoop in to help businesses have effective and efficient marketing processes. Marketing automations simply means using technology automation solutions to execute a business’ marketing procedures. The success of marketing automations is evident as supported by the fact that 51% of businesses have embraced the use of marketing automations so far

Most marketing automations are integrated with a business’s CRM to automatically gather leads from different sources and analyze the captured leads. Using marketing automation for your business is important because  it offers several benefits. 

  1. Scheduled Social Media Posting

For businesses running several marketing strategies simeltaneously , it can be easy to fall off the bandwagon and forget to update their social media pages. This is detrimental to a business’ online image. 

With marketing automation, the marketing personnel can take time to sit down and come up with several posts for the business’s social media pages. Once the posts are designed and approved, they can be set to automatically post on the predefined dates and times.

Using marketing automations for scheduling social media posts is an efficient way to avoid the last-minute rush to come up with a post. Last-minute rushes of designing and posting on social media pages often cause poor quality posts that yield low results.

  1. Personalization

The use of generic marketing attempts to capture leads has proven to yield low results. Customers want the feeling that a business knows them and their needs. Personalization can be achieved through using marketing automations integrated into the businesses’ simple CRM

The automations will gather data about the leads and clients of a business and categorize them into personas based on their internet and purchase habits. Once grouped, the marketing automations can send personalized marketing campaigns to various clients.

Personalized marketing campaigns help companies stand out from their competitors and gain client favor in the market. An example of a marketing personalization campaign that yielded good results is the one run by Coca-Cola offering soda bottles personalized with the buyer’s name

The use of personalization with marketing automations can be taken a step further by using ML and AI technologies The technologies can be used to analyze client data and therefore make predictions of the purchases they might be interested in. With purchase predictions, businesses can push these products to the clients for buying or offer discounts to woo the client into making a purchase. 

  1. Chatbots

Having 24/7 customer support is vital for businesses to ensure customer satisfaction. With marketing automations, the customer help desk can design automated responses to some of the common inquiries made by clients or leads.

The automated responses can then be integrated into chatbots, available on the business’ website. Chatbots now, thanks to ML and AI, have given a human feel to our conversations.  

  1. Cost Optimization and Increasing Business Revenue

Marketing automations offer numerous advantages to businesses. Among these advantages is cost optimization of business processes to increase revenues. Marketing automations relieve personnel from a load of having to execute numerous repetitive tasks. advantage of marketing automation is important in small businesses working with stringent marketing budgets. The money saved by hiring fewer marketing personnel without compromising the quality of work done can create the difference between the business making profits and incurring losses.

 The advantage with marketing automations is that repetitive tasks are taken off the hands of the marketing personnel. This means that the worker will have a zeal to work productively. 

Marketing automation also helps increase business revenue by offering increased sales activity and better ROI on marketing campaigns. Better ROI is achieved by automating the up-selling and cross-selling campaigns. 

  1. Targeted Marketing Campaigns

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In business, the efficiency of any marketing strategy is largely determined by how well the person has targeted the right ads for the right audience. With the help of marketing automations, marketing personnel can segment the lead and client database and then run targeted ads with ease.

Once the leads and clients are segmented, the marketing automation takes advantage of the vital marketing rule – to offer clients the right product at the right time. For targeted marketing campaigns, marketing automations offer the option to use similar content but worded differently, or to offer completely different content for different segments. 

Both options have good results based on studies carried out on previous targeted marketing campaigns. 

  1. Improved Conversion Rates

An advantage of marketing automations that is often underrated is the ability to run landing page and campaign tests. Different landing pages and marketing campaigns are run for  different clients or lead segments to test their efficiency.

This is vital to ensure that a business chooses the landing page design that offers the best conversion rates. The same concept applies to marketing campaigns. The campaign with the best results during the test run is used for the official full-fledged campaign, or different campaigns are used for different client and lead segments.


As seen from the benefits above, marketing automations are vital to ensure businesses reap maximum benefits from their marketing initiatives. When choosing marketing automation to use, go for one that can be easily integrated with existing business systems. This will allow you to have a clear overview of the system.  Extracting detailed reports and analytics information to improve future campaigns then comes with ease. 

By John Paul

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