6 Benefits to Using Power BI as A Business Intelligence Software

Each business market is distinct and comes with unique challenges and complications. Customers vary in their needs and have clear budget plans, goals, and budgets. Therefore, companies adopt various selling and marketing strategies to provide a range of products and services.

In any company, the systems create a broad array of data in the size of petabytes, terabytes, or in some instances exabytes. Business analysts analyze the data and generate actionable information (decisions) as well as the whole procedure is known as Business Intelligence (BI). It is evident that the success of the business depends on the business decisions that result from business intelligence.

BI is a growing technology that is dominating businesses all over the globe. The BI Services are extremely effective in providing a personalized experience for customers. BI Services are widely diversified and businesses are taking advantage of the power that this tech has. One of these technologies can be found in Power BI, which helps make difficult business decisions. If you are planning your career in BI then prepare yourself with Power BI Interview Questions to get a job in top organizations.

Why is Power BI needed?

Power BI is a new cloud-based Business Intelligence service offered by Microsoft and is based on the company’s many years of experience with relational databases, such as Access, SQL Server, etc. It’s a business

intelligence platform that allows companies to completely cleanse and transform data into useful data. It analyzes data thoroughly and offers the most powerful information.

Microsoft is in the”leaders’ quadrant” of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018 edition which makes it the leading player on the market. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Power BI is regarded as an ideal platform for business intelligence based on its comprehensive concept and its ability to deliver BI solutions.

Here are the top 6 reasons that Power BI is the best BI Platform that is available.

1. User-Friendliness

Power BI comes with a very user-friendly and simple interface. There is no programming expertise required to utilize Power BI. It comes with built-in intelligence that allows you to choose features for your reports by suggesting the most effective elements for reporting.

Example: Once you have selected the correct data source, when you select categories and sales it will recognize the column chart automatically for you. If you choose locations and sales it will recognize map charts.

It provides a straightforward design for the user interface (UI) that allows you to connect with the source of data. When you select the source of data it permits the selection of attributes with the simple drag and drops to create reports.

In addition among others, QA allows you can compose a query, and Power BI will provide a report that includes graphs or values based on the query. E.g. “What was this year’s total revenue per month” produces a graph for you to display a month-wise income.

The market that is part of it comes with a range of reporting options.

2. Easy to learn

Power BI is built using the platform that was the basis of Excel and is based on the same method to create a report. Excel is a widely-accepted and extensively used software that makes Power BI simple to master by taking a Power BI Course.

Data modeling is built from the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database foundations. Therefore, users and programmers can easily take advantage of the data modeling offered by Power BI.

3. It is easy to collaborate

Power BI is a tool that provides an easy-to-collaborate option. The user is able to work with colleagues to build interactive dashboards and reports in “app” workspaces. Users can build dashboards and reports into applications and make them available to a wider public. Sharing dashboards and reports with a smaller audience are made possible through Power BI’s Mobile App with Power BI.

The user is able to print the report and export it in a form of a PowerPoint presentation. Reports can be published and dashboards to websites so that anyone around the world can see and interact with them.

4. Cost-Effective

Power BI’s desktop is completely free, and users can create dashboards and reports that are simple and complicated. The pro licenses for Power BI are within the price pricing (USD $10 per month). If you want to reach a wider audience, Power BI has a premium version that allows users to alter the cost depending on the amount of usage by your audience.

5. Large Range of Data Sources

Power BI has an array of connectors for data sources such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server database, MySQL database, Oracle database, IBM DB2 database, IBM Netezza, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL database, Sybase database, SAP Hana, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data warehouse, Azure Analysis services database, Azure Blob Storage, MailChimp, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce and many more.

6. A Powerful Tool

• Visualization

Microsoft has released the visualization SDK that is part of Power BI. It comes with a vast library of customizable visualization. Utilizing this function, users can modify the user interface in accordance with their requirements.

• Data Shaping

Power BI offers a tool known as Query Editor that is extremely adaptable and efficient with an abundance of options. One of the most significant features is that it can be self-documented. Additionally, it gives you the chance to explore the depths of what is known as the DAX Language.

• Data Modeling

Any BI solution is effective when you can ensure that the BI model is well-designed. Power BI comes with very effective data modeling tools built on their knowledge of SQL databases along with Cube technology.

There are a lot of other rivals in the market of Power BI which offer similar capabilities, including ZOHO Reports, IBM Watson Analytics, Sisense, and Google Analytics to mention several. However, Power BI stands tall in the market and is primarily because of its easy user interface and quick Microsoft Help available for the software.

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