5 ways to match a dirndl dress with your figure without alterations


Dirndl is classic German clothing, most known in Bavaria’s Fasching celebrations. Nowadays they’re popular all over Germany and especially in Austria, too. Dirndls originated as farmers’ clothing in the 16th century, but nowadays, they’re common party wear with a long history of tradition behind them. Dirndls are feminine and romantic but also have a hint of sophistication about them. 

Dressing for Oktoberfest is exciting and important. It is not only fun; it’s also a time to be proud of the culture and traditions of your German heritage. Your dirndl is an essential part of your Oktoberfest experience, so it’s important that you pick the right one. In order to make sure you have just the right dirndl, I’ve put together this post to help you figure out what size dirndl will fit you best. This is a no-fail guide that includes plenty of images to show how dirndls are sized. Let’s have a look. 

Importance of Oktoberfest Drindl Figure Guide 

Unfortunately, a lot of women tend to focus on their figure flaws. However, it’s time to change your thinking and upgrade yourself to luxury status. You deserve the best from head to toe, and now you can have it.

The flaws that even supermodels find in themselves if they look long enough are unnoticeable to most people. Normal women, who happen to be walking around in real life without being photoshopped, have a wide variety of body shapes: broad or narrow shoulders, small or large bust size, little or large waist, short or long legs, expansive or rather boyish hips.

Rather than standing in front of the mirror for hours and envying one another, consider this: You are unique. You are beautiful. You are original. There is no one else in the world like you, so focus on your big picture and forget about flaws. Do not let them make you sad or depressed. 

Let us have a look at the types of figures and which dirndl suits them. 

Types of Figure 

Following are the five different types of figures you must know before wearing an Oktoberfest dirndl. 

A Madl body 

The A-Madl has a slender waist, delicate shoulders, and a body that is, overall, rather slender. The lower half of the body is, however, rather strong and muscular.  To achieve the perfect proportions of a dirndl, it must be able to do the following: the rather strong hips and thighs must be balanced out optically, while it also lengthens your legs and emphasizes your slim upper body.

When shopping for a dirndl, be sure to choose one that fits you perfectly and is figure-hugging but does not constrict your waist, as this will draw attention to your hips. Shiny fabrics should only adorn the upper body of the ideal dirndl, while underneath, you should wear monochromatic, unobtrusive fabrics in matte patterns with no shine.

H Madl body 

A woman with an H-figure has a small waist and long legs and arms. This is one of the most important characteristics of the H-type. Girls with an H-figure sometimes seem a bit androgynous because they have little curves on their breasts, buttocks, and hips. 

It is not surprising that there are many long-legged gazelles among the H-type. With a dirndl, you can conjure up a miracle of curves in no time at all – the usually somewhat lanky figure will be transformed into something curvy!

Fabrics, ribbons, and borders that are placed at the bottom of a dirndl skirt and taper towards the waist create an A-line silhouette. This style is especially flattering on curvy women, who can emphasize their waist by wearing a tight-fitting top underneath an A-line skirt.

O Madl body 

As an O-type, you have a curvaceous figure. Your body’s center of gravity is in the stomach and waist region so that any extra weight will be concentrated there. From the waist down, your figure is wonderfully soft and femininely rounded. You have great legs with narrow ankles and delicate wrists.

When wearing a dirndl, it is important to remember that the stomach and waist should be hidden. Therefore, avoid any style elements that draw attention to your midsection. For example, contrasting colored ties are a no-no. Fabrics worn in the middle of the body should be more reserved and matte. You should also wear simpler-looking dirndls.

X Madl body 

X-Madl figures are characterized by a narrow waist, large busts, and broad shoulders. While this is often considered to be a rather unattractive figure by the opposite sex, it can be accentuated with a few simple tricks.

Your waist-hip line is your golden opportunity to showcase your small waist. The dirndl draws attention to this area of the body, so it’s a great choice for plus-size women who want to highlight their hourglass shape.

Y Madl body 

Your body is lean, with broad shoulders and a large chest. Your lower body is almost girlishly delicate and slender, with an almost straight waist. The most striking feature of your body is the wonderful long legs that lead to narrow hips.

A choice can be made between two basic types: the sporty and the curvy Y-type. The sporty Y-type has broad shoulders, a broad chest, and rather small breasts. The curvy Y-type has broader shoulders and larger breasts in proportion to her upper torso, resulting in overweight in this region.

Dirndl Dress for Sale 

When it comes to a dirndl dress, you’re looking for a way to coordinate and highlight your shape in a visually flattering fashion. There are several ways to do so without altering the silhouette of the outfit – if you know what you’re doing. You can purchase a fine quality dirndl dress at Dirndl Online Shop no matter what shape of the body you have!

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