5 Ways to Make Sure Your Packaging Is Secure: Protecting Goods and Products


Your package arrived in perfect shape. Wrapping it carefully, and there was no damage to the box or its contents when one open it. But if you have a business that relies on shipping products to customers all over the world, you know that your packing is just your first line of defense against damage or loss. You need to know how well your product in retail packaging box is protected from the moment it leaves your hands until it arrives at its final destination.

1. The right shipping materials are crucial for protecting your goods

If you start e-commerce, you need to ship your products. You need the right materials to protect your items when they are in transit. If you don’t use the right materials, your items may get damaged. The packaging is important because it’s the very first line of defense for your product.

Shipping box vs. packing tape

Wedgwood boxes and packing tape in a typical household product:

The materials that you use to ship your own products are not normally available in other countries. You need to find different materials for shipping. Security is important, so do not grab the same materials you would usually use. However, it can be a good idea to find the same type of materials so that the shipping time will be shorter.

Instead of packing your products in a way that is good for local shipping, pack it for shipping overseas. You should use the same materials as you would for your own goods and be aware of the different types of packaging. Sometimes, people will ship the same product to different destinations at the same time. This is cheaper and easier than shipping separate products to each location.

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For example, you may use 100% polyester while some carriers use 70% polyester or higher. The higher the density of the paper around the product, the stronger the box.

 2. Use packaging that won’t fall apart during transit

The packaging of your product is important. It needs to be able to protect the product and make it look nice. If someone’s package arrives damaged, they will think that that is because of your brand. So, you need to make sure that does not happen too often by making a good package for your product.

In order to ship your things, you will have to label the packing materials. It’s very important that you use a Tupperware-style container so it isn’t damaged during shipping. Most of the damage happens when the package hits the ground and there is no one around who can see it.

Don’t forget to label room dividers and the outer container with the complete name, address, and phone number of the person who ordered the box.

Think about how your workers will pack the items. People need to be able to find the right things. They need information on where it is going when it will arrive, and how they can contact you if something goes wrong.

Delivery Strategies

If you are shipping boxes to people, think about using a drop-ship service or working with a delivery company. These companies could pick up the boxes and deliver them to the customer. It might not be possible for every business, but many use these services.

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Keep the top of your box proudly displayed and branded. Customers aren’t going to see the dent in the box unless they open it and intentionally come in contact with it. Your brand and your packaging should be talked about. Product packaging is the first impression a customer has of your business, and an attractive box will certainly help this process. If you have things that need to be guarded or protected, put them somewhere visible.

3. The box needs to be strong enough to withstand shipping stress

To ship a product, it must be packaged properly. The box should be strong enough to withstand the stress of shipping. There are different ways to ship items, but if you’re going to do a lot of shipping then you should invest in a shipping scale.

When shipping things, you need to consider the weight of the shipment and how much material you have. You also need to know how long it will take to unload and load your product.

For example, if you are going to ship out parts of a computer that you are repairing or customizing, chances are slim that you will need to use protection on the part breaking down. Inside a box, you can show the problem and take readers back to your website. But if you are shipping something like furniture, then it is important to protect the parts that will be mailed.

You might not know that your mailing address and your physical address are different. This isn’t a problem when you live close to the place where you want to ship things. But if it is far away, then you need to do something so that the right address is on your package.

4. Having a tracking number helps prevent theft and loss

A tracking number is a code given to you by the postal service. Sometimes packages get lost or stolen and if you have a tracking number, they can find it. You should put a tracking number on every package that leaves your warehouse. Tracking numbers can help the police. The police can know if a package is stolen and they can find it quickly and easily.

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You will need to choose a tracking number when you fill out your shipping label. The tracking number is emailed once the package leaves the factory. You can also choose to have the tracking number emailed if you want to keep track of it. If you want to keep your packages safe, make sure that both tracking numbers are in the same warehouse.

5. Shipping insurance is the last line of defence if damage does occur

The shipping company is responsible for your package until it is delivered. If there was a problem with the package during transit, the shipping company needs to make sure that you get reimbursed for any damage. But you need to tell the shipping company first before telling the seller about it. Do not add extra layers of physical protection to your products. Adding plastic seals and shrink tube is unnecessary. Be aware of what your object and shipment security can do.


The right shipping materials matter for protecting your goods. You need packaging that won’t break and fall apart during transit, but it also needs to be strong enough to withstand any stress it might come in contact with while being shipped. A good rule of thumb is the custom print packaging should not only protect its contents from damage or theft, but it should stand up on its own when unpacked. If you don’t have a tracking number and something happens to your package (like getting lost) then insurance will cover costs if anything was damaged during transport.



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