5 Tips to Choose Right Outfit for Your Dog


Dressing up your four-legged friend is extremely fun and exciting. After all, it allows you to show off your canine friend in their most phenomenal outfits. While pets look great in custom outfits, it’s also vital to prioritize their safety and comfort. When dressing them up, ensure to take some precautionary measures so that you and your darling dog remain happy, safe, and stress-free.

A wide range of clothing is available, but it can be pretty tiring to get settled on the best outfits for your doggie companion. In this article, you will discover the best ways to find the right outfit for your canine buddy.

Best Tips to Select the Best Outfit for your Dog

  1. Size Matters

Just like humans, dog clothes also come in different sizes. Remember, a right fit is vital, as dogs don’t like unfit clothes. Moreover, your four-legged friend might end up pawing or even biting at oversized garments.

Hence, do not forget to determine the measuring guide while investing in your dog clothes. It will also save future headaches of exchanging and returning oversized clothes.

If you hold a large dog breed, such as English mastiff, Great Dane, or St. Bernard, ensure to get your hands on the larger sizes. Remember, the clothes don’t need to be too loose or tight; else, your pet will get discomfort. Discover a premium store like Pet Life Store that holds all the sizing options, ensuring the right fit along with the best shopping experience.

  1. Types of Dog Clothes

Determine what kind of dog clothing you are looking to buy. It often depends on what breed of dog you hold and the clothes’ purpose. For instance, short-coated breeds, including Chihuahua or Havanese, generally face issues keeping warm on their own. Consequently, clothes like dog hoodies or even a cozy dog coat are best suited for them, specifically in lower temperatures.

The same goes with the older dogs, as they are more exposed to the colder temperature than the dogs in their initial years. Older dogs tend to suffer joint pain, particularly when unprotected from the cold, so it’s vital to keep them covered. So, they require extra protection from cold, and furry coats or hoodies can be a good option for them.

  1. Quality and Make

The other consideration is the material used to construct a particular piece of clothes. You must always prefer those dog clothes made of soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, or perhaps you can go for a cotton mix. If your dog enjoys playing outdoor, you can choose clothes made of durable and waterproof material.

Generally, the evidence of good manufacturing shows in the details like the seams and buttons. Moreover, if the clothing includes some floral or printed designs, ensure to see if it’s machine pressed; otherwise, the designs will fade out quickly. When buying online, stay with the worthy sellers and remember to check the reviews before buying from one.

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4. Comfort

Being a pet parent is not an easy task, as they can’t communicate- particularly not in words; you are on your own to figure out what your pet requires. This also means if you have picked up some funky and trendy dog clothes, there is no way you will get the reaction.

Comfort is another vital factor to consider when buying a pet outfit. Choose clothes that are easy to put on and just as easy to remove; else, you will possibly struggle a lot. When buying one, emphasize clothes that offer coziness and comfort.

You can also customize the basic outfit of your four-legged friend with the help of belts, ties, or scarves to jazz it up.

5. Budget Planning

Start by creating a checklist of vital and non-vital pieces of clothes for your doggy friend. After that, distribute your budget based on your list. This way, you can select the dresses for your puppy on a planned budget. However, weather changes can suddenly raise the product requirements for your furry baby. Hence, it would be ideal to plan a monthly budget for your clawed member and making the purchase accordingly. This way, you will be able to stick with the budget in the long run.

Wrap Up

Dressing up your darling dog is indeed fun; it is also a necessity to protect them against environmental factors. Being a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to keep their best interest first of all. Moreover, their comfort, safety, and happiness must be your priority. Ensure to look for cozy, comfy, and breathable fabrics like cotton. Furthermore, you can refer to the measuring guide while investing in your dog outfits to eliminate the stress of oversized or tight-fitted clothes. Finally, while buying clothes online for your pooch, stick with reputable sellers and avoid glitter or shiny garments as they can harm the pup’s skin.

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