5 Things to Do on Your Vacation in Kashmir

Kashmir is famous all around the globe for its heavenly beauty. Tourists from all over the world visit this heaven on earth to get a glimpse of the paradise that is Kashmir. A vacation in Kashmir is all you need to refresh yourself and take a break from the hustle of your city life. In summer, the valley is beaming with different colors and feels alive and refreshing. While in the winter, life seems to come to a halt as the whole valley is covered under a thick blanket of snow. The colorful landscape turns white under the winter snow and the scenery is just what you need to get away from your busy lives. No matter which time of the year you decide to visit Kashmir, this exquisite valley will always have something wonderful to offer to you. When it comes to activities, there is so much to see and so much more to do that you would spend each day of your vacation with excitement. And with that we offer some help to plan your vacation to Kashmir as we give you this list of 5 things you should not skip over, on your trip to Kashmir.

  • Shikara Ride

Dal lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of Kashmir and a shikara ride is just the perfect way to enjoy that beauty. You can feel the silence and tranquility of the place as you hear the sound of your boat, smoothly sailing on the water. The clean water of the lake and the colorful surroundings make your ride a memorable experience and the mountains make for a picturesque scenery. To get a glimpse of nature at its most beautiful, you can not miss out on the shikara ride on your vacation in Kashmir.

  • Stay at a Houseboat
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Just a ride in the lake might not be enough time for you to truly enjoy the beauty of the Dal lake. Stay at a houseboat to experience what attracts so many tourists to this place. These houseboats are luxurious and provide a lot of comfort and delicious meals for you. The wifi also works great so you can stay connected to the world and keep your friends updated on your adventurous life. An overnight stay at a houseboat is the perfect blend of modern technology and nature. Houseboats in Jammu and Kashmir are one of the best and you need to experience the stay at least once in your life.

  • Cable Car Ride at Gondola

Cable car rides are fun and adventurous, as they elevate you from the ground for a beautiful view and take you slowly to another beautiful location, all while you are enjoying the magnificent beauty all around you. Gondola is an exquisite place and you will be baffled at the beauty surrounding you. The magnificent snow capped mountains and the greenery of the place make this cable car ride a fun and amazing adventure in the summers. It is truly a joy and the most wonderful thing about the cable car ride is that it is safe and people of all ages can enjoy it.

  • Take on a Pony Ride

Pony ride is another fun part of traveling in Kashmir. These are highly popular in Sonamarg, Yusmarg, Pahalgam and Gulmarg where pony rides are the most common mode of transport. You know since these parts are not so keen on motorized transport, the air would be crispy, clean and free of all the pollution. The greenery all around you would be more surreal as you ride on the pony, taking in the clear fresh air as you look around at the majestic mountains that make the valley so glorious.

  • Paragliding
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This last one is for all the adrenaline junkies out there who want to go for something that makes your heart beat faster in this peaceful valley. Paragliding in Kashmir is a dream. Not only do you get the best views but it is an experience of a lifetime. Paragliding options are available at multiple places in Kashmir, so you can choose the view to your liking. There is just nothing better than flying through the sky like a bird as you take in the picturesque scenery surrounding you. When on a vacation in Kashmir, you just can not skip on the chance to go paragliding in this paradise.

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