5 Reasons why Dubai is everyone’s favorite spot to Skydive


Although Dubai is mostly famous for its indoor attractions, skydive Dubai is one of those outdoor experiences in Dubai that you just can’t miss. Skydiving is one of the most thrilling adventures. Just the idea of jumping out of a plane can make anyone’s heart beat faster, but to actually do it is one of the most exhilarating experiences. You might be shivering in the plane before you jump, but when your parachute lands, you will be braver than ever before. The skydive planes in Dubai go as high as 13000 ft and the highly trained, experienced and friendly instructors guide you through the whole process, helping you enjoy your skydive journey with no stress or worries. Skydiving in Dubai is made as safe as possible using multiple safety precautions, to give you the best experience. The wonderful views are just the cherry on top, to take your skydiving game to the next level. If you are in Dubai, skydive in Dubai needs to be your top priority, it is an adventure like no other. And if you are in some other part of the world, here are five reasons why a Dubai skydive is better than anywhere else.

  1.     Safety

First thing’s first, before you worry about the views and that Instagram video, you need to make sure that you are safe. Of course, just like any other adventure sport, skydiving comes with its own risks. But skydiving in Dubai is made as secure as possible by taking multiple precautions. The skydiving instructors go through a rigorous training process, the parachutes are well maintained under the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration and the equipment have an automatic activation device to automatically deploy parachutes in the unlikely event the sky diver is unable to do so.

  1.     Tandem Skydiving

If this is your first-time skydiving, you might be extremely nervous. You may wonder if you are brave enough to go through such an extreme sport. It can be nerve wrecking to think about jumping from a plane, thousands of feet above ground level, but you do not have to go through this alone. With tandem skydiving, you are securely connected to a highly experienced instructor through a harness. And a professional guiding you through the whole process takes the stress off of you and you can actually enjoy better. It is also an easier method to try before going solo on your skydiving journey.

  1.     Indoor Skydiving

If your heart is still holding you back from actually skydiving, you can try the amazing indoor skydiving that Dubai offers. The indoor skydiving lets you experience the thrill of falling and flying without actually jumping out of a plane. Professional instructors teach you how to ‘fly your body’ in personalized training sessions. Learn what to do and what not to do in a fun and friendly environment, where you are under no stress, because you know you would just be flying in a recirculating wind tunnel. It is the best way for first timers and young kids to experience a dive.

  1.     Skydive over the Arabian desert

Dubai’s desert safaris are famous all around the world, the beautiful sand waves and sand stretches are a mark of beauty. And a sunset with the cool evening breeze just hits you differently in the desert. But skydiving over the vast Arabian desert takes it to the next level. Take in the beauty of the majestic Hajar mountains and the glowing desert sand as you free fall to the ground. You can opt for tandem skydive, if it is your first time or you can fly solo into the heart of the desert. Either way, skydiving over a desert is an experience of a lifetime.

  1.     Skydive over the Palm Islands

Palm Jumeirah is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai. The artificial islands shaped like a palm tree attract visitors from all over the world. These islands are also what makes it one of the most popular skydiving destinations in the world. Seeing the beauty of these islands from the air is the only way to truly appreciate them. With a magnificent blue ocean stretched beyond it, the view of Palm Jumeirah from your free fall is drop-dead gorgeous. The memory of your skydive at this exquisite location would be the dearest to you.

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