5 Reasons Compelling Entrepreneurs to Build Gojek Like App


Today, the concept of business digitization is widely adopted by every entrepreneur. Because internet usage has increased to a great extent, most users are utilizing the internet to satisfy their daily needs in some way or another through solutions on their mobiles. Despite many of them being available on the application store, super apps have diverted the focus of numerous people.

According to Statista, about 5 billion internet users are recorded worldwide in 2022, which equals 63% total population from all over. It is clear from the figures that, with an increase in network usage, the penetration of several categories of applications has also been bolstered. As a result, the multi-service platforms gained a colossal demand, especially Gojek, which runs quite ahead as a member of the super app’s market for a significant time. So, startup owners are willing to make an app like Gojek for their ventures.

There are some aspects behind business owners motivated to create a Gojek similar platform. Thus in this post, there are 5 reasons compelling entrepreneurs to build a Gojek like app are discussed and the cost of making it. However, Gojek was also titled as ‘Unicorn of Indonesia’ in 2015. The organization was founded in 2010 and only initially provided a couple of services. With further progress, a firm currently offers 20 different kinds of services to its consumers across eight countries.

Now, let’s know the specific reasons attracting entrepreneurs to build a solution like Gojek.

5 Reasons Forcing Entrepreneurs To Create Gojek Like App

Before diving into the specific reasons fetching startup owners towards building Gojek similar solutions, you should know that there is a tremendous need for multi-service solutions among the users. There are about 72% of consumers are interested in using super apps to satisfy their daily purposes, according to the report of 2022.

Thus, numerous business owners switched to online multi-service ventures. Most of them used Gojek like platform to achieve massive rise like a Southeast Asian super app hero. Hence, many entrepreneurs wanted to develop an app similar to Gojek for their enterprises. So, let’s know the below-stated reasons tempting startup owners to make Gojek like a solution.

Easily Accessible

It becomes easier to access the various verticals of business through a digitized platform like Gojek, such as managing users, analyzing the overall sales, generating earning reports of venture and employees on a monthly and weekly basis, live tracing of partners, etc. All such tedious tasks can be accomplished by using a multi-service solution, and it becomes easier to access all the components of an enterprise.

Minimum Maintenance

The traditional offline business requires enormous capital for maintenance, but the entrepreneurs running an online multi-service venture through a platform similar to Gojek just need to pay a minor amount to maintain it. A solution only goes under maintenance if an error or a bug pops out, and such issues occur occasionally. So, startup owners aren’t required to worry regularly at fixed intervals to keep their enterprises rolling.

Transformation into Brand

A solution similar to Gojek is geared up with unique and appealing features, stunning design, and much more. Customers enjoy using an application as they receive advanced attributes such as different payment methods, multi-lingual support, advance order scheduling, etc., which help them satisfy their various purposes efficiently. Hence, getting all such perks to users assists your enterprise in transforming into a bigger brand and in making a loyal customer base.

Revenue Boost

The business owners are not just benefitted from easier management, higher customer retention, and lesser maintenance, but they also get revenue from every stakeholder of a platform. So, their venture receives a boost in profit margins by utilizing a solution like Gojek, than a previous conventional approach.


In case of change in requirements of consumers, the entrepreneur can modify the functionality of a solution meeting the venture requirements, as they are provided with a source code. Thus, quickly modifying the platform as per customers’ needs seems to be a plus point of owning a Gojek like platform for startup owners.

Now, if you as a startup owner to get a multi-service platform like Gojek, you should also refer to the factors affecting its development cost. Consider the below-stated section.

Factors Affecting Cost of Creating Gojek Like Solution

To create a platform similar to Gojek, you should decide your budget for building a multi-service solution. So, it’s necessary to know on what basis the cost is being estimated. Here are some of the factors affecting charges of making Gojek like app:

Development Technology

Since coders utilize various kinds of tech stacks for building an application. They demand different fees according to the technology you have selected. It is because the developers need to understand the complexity of the platform, which you have suggested making an app like Gojek.


It is also the factor affecting the cost of making a solution. If you as an entrepreneur want to get a solution that provides a seamless user experience. In that case, you need to design your platform that gives your customers a better understanding of an enterprise and its working through a logo of application and icons inside, graphics, color combination, and by implementing many other elements.


An attribute of a solution determines the cost of development. The number of features you want to implement in your application decides the cost of building a multi-service platform. The specifications you apply, define the complexity, and based on that, your expense of creation is determined.

Apart from above-mentioned factors, there are many hidden costs existent for developing a solution for your enterprise. Nowadays, to fulfill the varying demands of customers, entrepreneurs are forced to provide numerous attributes to them through their multi-service platforms.

Final Words:

Due to increased internet usage, users are utilizing digitized solutions. And later, with further evolution in these applications, there are super apps brought into the market, and Gojek earned significant fame among the people across entire Southeast Asia. Since then until now, Gojek has not lost an inch of popularity. Thus, by witnessing such tremendous growth in an application, the startup owners are motivated to build a Gojek like platform for their businesses to rise higher in the market as there are many reasons; out of them, there are 5 compelling entrepreneurs to build Gojek like apps discussed in these post.

Hence, if you are willing to make your app like Gojek, then you can at affordable prices, and it is the perfect move according to the current scenario that can benefit your venture.

By Kazim Kabir

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