5 Perfect Plants for beginners

As we all know plants are essential for maintenance and health. You don’t just plant a plant, but it is also important to take care of it so that when you look at the plant, you feel the freshness in the air. Plants are available in plenty of varieties and types. Each type of plant has its importance. Some plants control pollution while others clean the air we breathe. There are some plants which help to refresh the moods if we spend time with them and there are some others which can help us sleep better at night and awake refreshed to a new day. Different types of plants are added to the home decor to give an enhanced look. Plants are an efficient way of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen into the atmosphere. With a wide range of plants, you can give a different feel in different spaces in your household like the kitchen, dining room, living room, and study room. The cleanliness of the air gets maintained with the help of oxygenation. So, here are 5 Perfect Plants for beginners:

  1. Money Plant:
    Money Plant is a wonderful houseplant that has many herbal values. It is alien from Africa to the tropical regions and is commonly found in warm places. Money plant is one of the most bought and planted in homes, offices, and ­garden areas. It is also known as Good luck or Friendship tree, due to its belief that planting this plant in your garden will bring prosperity and wealth. Many people gifted Money plants to their loved ones, it is believed that when one plants at home tall then prosperity wealth follows after the next year. The roots, stems, and leaves of money plants are edible hence you can use them to cook various healthy recipes. These days you can easily buy a money plant online and attract all the positivity that you can.
  2. Jade Plant:
    A jade plant is a stem succulent that resembles a miniature tree. It is one of the many indoor plants that has been considered beautiful, popular, low maintenance, and easy to grow. Jade plants vary in size and style. Some people grow them as small potted plants while others care for them as floor trees. Many also like to make them part of their patio furniture – some use it as a beautiful decoration while making sure they get the full benefits of that stunning look.
  3. Lucky Bamboo Plant:
    All of you must have seen the Lucky Bamboo plant at some houses. This is one of the most interesting plants living in the home surroundings. Primarily known as a good Feng Shui product, this one is considered to be a beautifying element at your home. Having this plant in your house makes your dwelling always gorgeous and elegant without fail. Most people call this kind of plant lucky bamboo because its root usually has five colorings: white (good luck), yellow (gold coins), red (wealth), green (prosperity), and black (fertility).
  4. Snake Plant:
    The Snake Plant also called Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Sansevieria is popularly known as the friendship plant because it is a great addition to your home. Snake Plant is a common interior decoration in some luxurious apartments and it makes a great gift for loved ones. This plant not only keeps you healthy but also requires very little care to flourish. It can survive in almost all kinds of light which means you don’t need to change the position accordingly.
  5. Areca Palm:
    If you are considering adding an Areca Palm to your home, then you are probably wondering what it is and if it’s the right tree for your space. The Areca Palm is a very popular indoor tree that works well in most homes. It has several advantages over other plants and trees, which makes it a great addition to any room or setting. Areca Palm provides freshness in the atmosphere. They also make your home look beautiful.
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A study by NASA has shown that the presence of plants around you can help you stay relaxed and be productive. Buildings with plants inside have fewer sick employees than those without. We always welcome the celebration of nature indoors in our homes and offices because why not! It’s more fun to be creative in places where we feel happy, relaxed, and renewed. So, these were 5 Perfect Plants for beginners. Not only are these plants amazing for your home but they are perfect for gifting as well.

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