5 Common Reasons for Blocked Drains 

Blocked Drains 

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5 Common Reasons for Blocked Drains 

It could be an unpleasant sight to look at your valuables submerged in dirty sewage water. When the drains become stuffed with dirt, hair, and other outside elements, the water does not find a way to pass. It comes back with force and makes everything dirty. Clearing blocked drains is extremely essential for every homeowner. Failing to do so could lead to health hazards and structural damage to property. If you have been facing trouble because of clogged drains, then you must know the reasons behind the blockages. Along with the causes of blocked drains, we have listed the ways to remove the blockages easily. 

  1. Hair 

While washing the hair in the bathroom or grooming your pet, many strands of hair go inside the drains. They keep on collecting in the pipes for months and then become a problem. You would notice that the water is unable to pass through the drains after a few months. 

How to Remove Hair from Blocked Drain?

If you are able to see the hair near the drain, then you should remove them with your hands. You could wear gloves and pull them easily. Drain spiders and hair dissolving chemicals could be used to remove the hairs from the blocked drains Sydney. You could install drain guards to avoid the entry of hairs inside the pipes. 

  1. Oil and Grease 

Oil, butter, grease and many other things could clog the drains. While the oil-pulling process in the bathroom and utensil cleaning in the kitchen, you unknowingly send lots of oils and grease inside the drains. These fatty ingredients can’t be removed easily from the drains and lead to sewage backup. You might require help from sewage cleaning Sydney experts in such a situation. 

How to Remove Oil and Grease from Blocked Drains?

You could pour hot water into the drains in order to dissolve the hardened oil and grease particles. Water removal through drains would become a simple task if you clean the drains frequently with hot water. Prevention is better than cure. Instead of throwing oil or grease directly into the drains, you should pour them into a glass jar. Then, you could transfer the fatty ingredients into plastic bags and throw them in the trash bin. 

  1. Toiletries 

Tissue papers, toilet paper, nappies, diapers, wipes and many other things are flushed down the toilet by people. After a few months, it is possible for the drains and sewer lines to become blocked. 

How to Remove Toiletries from Blocked Drains?

Firstly, you should ask the plumber to check the situation. Next, you could use chemicals for dissolving the paper products. Mechanical tools could be used to push the products towards the sewer line. But, it is best to prevent the accumulation of these products in the drains. Instead of spending money on clearing blocked drains, you could keep a trash bin for disposing of paper products. 

  1. Improper Installation 

Due to multiple turns, corroded pipes or broken pipes, it is possible for the drains to become clogged. Here, you should not try DIY methods because the installation is not in your hands. 

How to Remove the Blockages?

You should seek help from blocked drains Sydney experts and plumbers. They would inspect the flaws in the drainage system and resolve the problem with the right tools and strategies. 

  1. Debris

Because of heavy rainfall and building construction, mud, gravel, leaves and many other particles suddenly enter the pipes. The oversaturation of the debris in the pipes could lead to sewage backups. 

How to Remove Debris from Blocked Drains?

For the removal of debris, you need to hire Flood Damage Sydney experts. They use industrial-grade water jets and push the debris with high pressure. Hydro-jetting is the technique that experts use to clean drains. 


Cleaning the blocked drains is important for health and property. Sewage backups, bacterial growth, odours and slow water removal are some problems that people could face because of some reasons mentioned in the list given above. The sewage cleaning Sydney methods mentioned along with the reason for blocked drains could be beneficial in marinating a healthy drainage system. 

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