5 Best Productivity Apps for Your Mac Device to Boost Work Efficiency


It is essential that you get the most out of the time you spend working on your Mac; however, it can be difficult to keep your attention on the task at hand and maintain high levels of productivity (especially after discovering the Mac’s secret built-in games and the many other amazing features this operating system has to offer).

So, without further ado, here is a list of the greatest productivity apps for Mac that will assist you in concentrating more on your job and putting it off less.

  1. Creately Flowchart Software

Processes, sequences, systems, and computer algorithms can all be shown and illustrated through the use of flowcharts. These diagrams are utilized on a widespread basis for the purposes of planning, notating, and presenting intricate processes in a method that is clear, short, and straightforward. You can work on a flowchart software for Mac to make your flowcharts easier and faster.

  1. White Noise Lite

With the assistance of fifty high-definition environmental noises, White Noise Lite is a noise generator that will assist you in remaining concentrated on whatever it is that you are doing. Simply choose a background sound, put on your headphones, and do your best to filter out any distracting outside noise.

The following are some of the options available to you in terms of ambient noises, though this list is not exhaustive:

Sounds from nature, such as gurgling streams, smashing seas, crackling fires, and pouring rain (on various surfaces)

The purring of a cat, the ribbiting of a frog, and the singing of birds are all examples of animal sounds.

The noise of household equipment, such as a bathroom fan, clock, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, and dishwasher, amongst others.

Colored noise, such as violet noise, pink noise, gray noise, brown noise

The layout of the application enables you to select your preferred sounds by swiping towards them, and after each sound is played, a slideshow of stunning photos is displayed as a follow-up.

White Noise Lite comes packed with a variety of useful features, but the highlights include the ability to create custom playlists and alarms that fade in and out gradually (so that you wake up relaxed, and not abruptly).

  1. Microsoft One Note

Microsoft OneNote is an efficient method of taking notes that not only enables you to record your ideas and thoughts in a digital notebook but also helps you improve your planning by transforming these ideas and thoughts into a series of steps that can be carried out.

To make a note, you need only start typing on the free form canvas to get started. Afterwards, you can rearrange and format your notes in any way that you see fit. You are able to keep all of the information pertaining to your projects, research topics, events that you are preparing, or things that you are interested in stored in one safe location.

The unique selling point of this application is that it enables you to orderly organize all of your data. For each new topic, project, or event that you enter, the application will create a distinct notebook for you, complete with its own tabs.

Additional points are awarded to Microsoft OneNote for its straightforward installation process; in fact, if you have Microsoft Office 2016 on your Mac, there is a good probability that you already have this application set up.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane is a password organizer as well as a secured digital vault in which you may store and protect your various login credentials and sensitive personal information.

You will no longer be required to manually type in passwords to any app accounts since you will have the ability to save and input them automatically. You will also have the ability to store other personal and sensitive information such as credit card details, which will allow you to complete online shopping transactions much more quickly.

If you have difficulties coming up with creative, difficult-to-crack passwords every time you create a new account, this program is a standout since it allows you to generate unique, complex passwords at any time.

You also have the option to share your passwords with certain people, which is a wonderful feature to have if you have a Netflix account that you use with other people, such as friends or members of your family.

  1. Station

Station is a messaging software that allows you to manage and access all of your other apps in one convenient location, making good on the promise of its catchy slogan, “one app to rule them all.”

To further this point, the Recent Documents feature allows you to move between recently used apps, to help you focus on the task at hand. All of your pages will be automatically organized by program, making it easy to access what you need at any moment.

The app’s focus mode is its crowning achievement; with it, you may choose to only receive notifications pertaining to the app you’ve picked for use at a given time (and ignore all others).

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