5 Available Online Math Classes You Should Take

Online Math Classes

Math skills are used in everyday life and are required in various fields. The subject is part of the standard high school curriculum and is available in online learning centers. If you’re considering levering a free high school diploma from charitable organizations, math is among the subjects you’ll encounter. Here’s an overview of five available online math classes you should take to improve your mathematical skills:

1.    Pre-Algebra & Algebra

You can master the basics of pre-algebra, including working with integers and expressions. The online math class also covers the order of operations, distributions, and other concepts. You’ll learn how to subtract, multiply, and divide integers, evaluate expressions, and solve word problems. Pre-algebra introduces the fundamental building blocks for learning geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

Students who complete pre-algebra courses can also enroll to become algebra masters. The study expands into equations, fractions, order of operations, graphics, and polynomials. Algebra courses are available at most online classes and feature quizzes, workbook problems, and comprehensive explanations. Basic arithmetic skills like multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction are all you need to start learning algebra online.

2.    Geometry & Trigonometry

Algebra and geometry are considered the foundations for high-level mathematical concepts, explaining their presence in junior and senior high school curriculums. Geometry is among the oldest branches of math, along with arithmetic. This math deals with measurement, properties, and relationships between points, surfaces, lines, and angles. You can learn geometry online via free high school classes.

The course won’t make you a geometer but provides the basic skills to pass your accreditation exam. You’ll also learn the foundations of trigonometry, which deals with side lengths and angles of triangles. Trigonometry lessons will introduce you to specific functions like sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant. Geometry and trigonometry questions are common in final exams used to test high school students.

3.    Common Core Math

You need common core math to learn how to solve real-life problems. This math is based on concepts and skills students need to resolve mathematical difficulties in life. Common core math begins in kindergarten and progresses through all the K-12th grade stages. You can learn common core math for high school students online. The course is among the first concepts taught before you delve into algebra, geometry, and calculus.

Common core math differs from traditional math as it focuses on real-life situations more than equations and calculations. The concepts are not featured in ACTs and other tests but may make interview questions when you’re looking for a job. Leading online math classes offer common core math studies around workplace challenges and daily life problems. They use questions, case studies, and illustrations to develop your common core math skills.

4.    Pre-Calculus & Calculus

Calculus is another math class you won’t miss in high school diploma courses. This math deals with the study of continuous change. You’ll learn differential calculus, which focuses on calculations involving instantaneous rates of change. Online calculus classes also feature integral calculus, which uses a summation of infinitely many factors to determine the whole. You’ll start with pre-calculus to introduce you to the basic concepts.

Calculus courses are broken down into smaller sections like Calculus 1, 2, & 3 to make the concept easy to learn. Most students consider calculus hard, but everything is more straightforward once you complete pre-calculus. You can find online resources, quizzes, workbook problems, and video illustrations for further learning. Studying calculus as part of obtaining your free high school diploma also allows you to work with an experienced tutor.

5.    Statistics & Probability

High school statistics and probability math explore data collection, analysis, inference, and conclusion. Students will learn how to use statistics to determine causation in real-life case studies. Statistics is one of the more advanced concepts in math mainly because it deals with abstract ideas. The mathematical theories used in statistics also rely heavily on concepts taught in calculus and linear algebra.

High school diploma math courses also feature probability, which is the science of uncertainty. Thanks to online classes and resources, you can learn statistics and probability anytime, anywhere. All you need is a reputable online school offering math lessons. You can learn as part of a high school diploma, to gain general knowledge in the area, or for a job promotion. Statistics and probability also exist in college math classes.

Free High School Diploma

Obtaining a free high school diploma is worth considering if you’re looking to improve your math skills through online classes. Besides learning foundational math concepts, you’ll earn a legitimate certificate accepted by all colleges and employers. Leverage free online schools for adults today to boost your math skills, pass your exam and receive government-recognized accreditation.

By Michael Caine

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