5 Andaman Water Sports You Need to Try on Your Honeymoon

When you think of a honeymoon, you think of a romantic setting with fresh air and beautiful scenery, where sunrises and sunsets are ethereal. That is the kind of place Andaman is. Where the vibrant blue sea, white beach sand and thick green forest all come together to form a perfect romantic getaway. The hospitable environment of the islands is very inviting, as you are greeted with smiles everywhere. It is lovely to kick back and relax under the nice sun on the beach but this experience gets even better with numerous water sports that are part of the Andaman honeymoon packages. There is no activity you want to miss out on, whether it is snorkeling in the great ocean or going on a ride in a glass-bottom boat. Every activity brings in a thrill of its own whether you are kayaking or game fishing. And they become even more fun when your partner is participating with you. If the number of choices feel overwhelming to you, here is a list of 5 water activities that you can not miss out on, on your honeymoon trip.

  1.     Scuba Diving

There is no better way to become a part of the ocean than by scuba diving. With Andaman’s 10,000 sq. km area of coral reefs, exploring this vast underwater ecosystem needs to be a priority on your trip. Dive in the majestic ocean with your partner and tour the large and colorful underwater structures. Be a part of the world that is so different from our own, that it becomes hard to believe you are still on the same planet. This is an experience like no other and it gets a thousand times better when you have the most important person in the world beside you. You should definitely look at reviews of Thrillophilia for Andaman & Nicobar to know how travelers enjoy it here.

  1.     Sea Kart

First of its kind in India and third in the world, after Mauritius and Dubai, Sea kart is an exciting and thrilling adventure that you would not want to miss out on. The three seater boat which you can drive on your own is crafted like a go kart takes you further into the sea. Let your partner handle the wheel as you both enjoy the water splashing and the wind and the fresh air of the ocean. When you go in further, you would see how the sea calms down. Needing no previous driving or swimming experience, the sea kart can be handled with ease by anyone.

  1.     Jet Skiing

A little closer to the shore, you can get on a jet ski, with your partner seated behind you and ride around. If you are on a budget, jet skis are a great way to enjoy the water and Andaman Islands are one of the best places for jet skiing in India. Jet skis are easy to control and even first timers would not spend much time stressing about it. Once you get in the water, you will see just how simple and fun it really is. With fun splashes of water, refreshing you every now and then, the whole experience is electrifying.

  1.     Parasailing

Witnessing the beauty of the island from the beaches or a boat is one thing, it is quite a unique experience when you get to do this flying. You are securely tied to a parachute which is then locked with a boat and as the boat takes off, you go flying in the air in a matter of seconds, every now and then, as the wind thrusts, you would take small refreshing dips in the sea. If it feels a little nerve wrecking, do not worry as you will get a 10 minutes oral training before you go flying into the sea. Ask your partner to take amazing photos as you capture the scenic beauty of the islands with your eyes.

  1.     Bella Bay – Dinner Cruise

After all the adventurous activities of your day, you would surely want to relax and enjoy the calmness of the sea. Bella Bay is a luxury cruise that offers a unique fine dining experience. Have a romantic dinner on the deck of the cruise as you enjoy the breathtaking views under the moonlight. The live music breathes life into the cruise and just the whole vibe of this cruise will have you wishing for the night to never end. Enjoy the panoramic views and the wonderful company on this luxury cruise on your most romantic evening.

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