4 Easy and Quick Ways to Declutter Your Home


One of the most difficult household chores that comes with homeownership is organizing your home and getting rid of junk. Even if you organize your home on a regular basis, it can be overwhelming every time. You aren’t the only one feeling this way. Many people feel the same tiredness when cleaning up their homes. There are many ways to de-junk your house efficiently without getting overwhelmed. You will need a few cardboard boxes and a marker to mark the boxes.

Here are some ways to Marie Kondo your home quickly

Do not overthink it and choose a room

Do not plan too much. Pick a room that you want to get rid of junk and start working. Excessive planning is what most people find exhausting when decluttering their homes. It is not necessary to plan decluttering in a way that overwhelms you. Start clearing clutter and you will soon be clutter-free.

Throw the Trash Away

You can mark the boxes you have arranged for decluttering by marking two to three boxes ‘for trash’. This will make it much easier as you won’t need to take bins around to every room. Once you’re done, you can begin to sort the trash.

When you are cleaning out your home, make sure you put the things you don’t use in one box and those you do need in another. You will be able to save time and effort by categorizing your items. You don’t need to sort everything immediately. If you don’t feel like doing it in one day, you can wait.

Rid your Kitchen off Non-Kitchen Items

Hoarding is a common problem in the kitchen. Everything that doesn’t belong has to go there. Before you start cleaning out your cabinets and drawers, take out all non-kitchen items from your kitchen. You can simply move everything else out of your kitchen by putting it in boxes.

You can either sort it out immediately if you have the time or put it away temporarily if you don’t. You will save time, energy, and feel less overwhelmed if you separate decluttering from sorting.

Do not be in Two Minds

Decluttering takes the longest time because it involves deciding what is valuable and what isn’t. Most people end up being confused about the future of their items. They have to decide if they will ever need that particular item in the future. This never-ending battle between “will I, won’t I” can consume a lot of time and exhaust a person to a great extent. Try to stay as focused as you can. Take a look at the item, then choose the best option. Don’t think about it again.

If you feel less than enthusiastic about cleaning out your home, you can hire a professional trash hauler to do it for yourself.

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