4 Best Steroids For Women In 2022

Steroids For Women

Gender equality is what we are seeking for, as in every career or field, we try to bring equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender. There are ample methodologies for straining muscle, which gives you proper toned muscle growth, but to think of it, only training is not enough to sustain in this body building world. Then comes the introduction of steroids for men as well as for women.

Nowadays we can witness women taking equal participation in the body building career. So, there are a lot of controversies about women gaining masculinity after consuming steroids. Currently, there are well over 10 types of Dianabol pills for sale for women across the countries. This article gives a brief information for the best steroids for women, out in the market.

  1. Winstrol

Winstrol is amongst the most popular drugs for both men and women available in the market. It is a drug which affects moderately, not for a high proportion of muscle growth. This drug is predominantly used by women, and may be commonly consumed for bulking.

Winstrol cycle for women on a weekly basis.

  • Week 1: – it should be consumed 10 mg per day.
  • Week 2: – it should be taken 10 mg per day.
  • Week 3: – it follows the same routine.

Until week eight, it is consumed 10 mg per day. There is a legal alternative for Winstrol that is crazy bulk.

  • Anavar

It is considered the best of all steroids in the market, which is often referred to as ‘female steroid’. This steroid functions adequately in the female body, which count’s very safe for women’s health. 

It shows no virilization effect, although it has some minor flaws which can be neglected after proper consumption.

It primarily targets: –

  • Fat loss
  • Moderate growth of muscle

For excellent results, anavar should be taken weekly as follows: –

  •  Week 1: It must be 10 mg.
  •  Week 2: It should be consumed 10 mg.
  •  Week 3: It should be taken 15 mg.
  •  Week 4: It must be taken 15mg.
  •  Week 5: It should be taken 20 mg.
  •  Week 6: It should be consumed 20 mg.

The legal alternative, which almost brings down the same effect, is Anavarol.

  • Clenbuterol

This is often mistaken as a drug, but apparently it is a stimulant which majorly focuses on lean bulking or fat cutting.

There is a huge amount of endorsement for this drug. This acts perfectly for womens, as it cuts down the fat and maintains a definite proportion of muscles on the body. However, this stimulant withstands some side effects as well.

Side effects:

1.   It may cause insomnia.

2.   It can lead to minor cramps.

3.   Clammy palms.

4.   It causes hypertension as well.

Clenbuterol should be taken weekly to obtain best results.The whole cycle consists of six weeks without a break, for proper enhancement.

In the first three weeks, 40 mg should be consumed. In the last three weeks, 60 mg should be taken. Furthermore, it has an alternative “CLENBUTROL” which also works efficiently.

  • Ostarine

This is the mildest of all roids available for the women. This type of steroid is deliberately used at the beginner’s level. This drug improves significant growth, in terms of muscle mass. 

The course recommended is 10mg/day, over a time period of 8 weeks. 

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