3 Reasons to Get a Trademark

Many business owners do not take advantage of a trademark. This is mostly due to a reason for not understanding why you would need a trademark, or because there is not an understanding of what exactly a trademark is. A trademark is something that will protect your intellectual property from other companies within your industry. It prevents your competitors within the same industry from using your branding. Things that can be trademarked include slogans, colors, symbols, or even sounds in some cases. In the case that you may think that there is an infringement on your trademark, you will have the ability to press charges, so your intellectual property stays yours. A Washington trademark attorney will help you throughout the process so that you can get your branding protected. In this article, we will be discussing three different reasons why you should get a trademark for your business.

Protecting your Branding

The biggest reason why you should get a trademark for your company is so that you can protect your branding from others within your industry who may try to steal it. If there is a competitor within your industry who tries to use your same method of branding and you have a trademark, you will be able to protect your branding. If you do not have a trademark, then there is a chance that someone could use your branding and then get a trademark which would make it so that they could own what was once your intellectual property. This is not fair but is potentially something that could happen if you choose not to get a trademark.

Ability to Press Charges

If you do not get a trademark and find that someone has stolen your ideas, you will not have the ability to press charges. In contrast, if you do have a trademark and see an infringement, you will have the ability to press charges to make sure that your intellectual property is protected. Your trademark lawyer will help you press charges against any infringements that may happen, but it will be solely your responsibility to look for and find any infringements. Your lawyer will not do that for you, so you need to make sure that you are looking and are aware of any potential infringements that could be happening.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately one of the greatest reasons that you should be getting a trademark is that it will give you a peace of mind. You will not have to worry about your ideas being stolen and will get to know that there will be things that you will be able to do in the case that someone tries to steal your ideas. You will not have to worry about someone getting away with taking your ideas and using them as their own.


If you think that a trademark would help you and your business, then you are right. There are many ways in which you can benefit from getting a trademark from your company. The next time you are considering getting one, remember these benefits, so that you can see how it would help your business.

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