20 Fun Things to Do When You Get Bored

20 Fun Things to Do When You Get Bored

Being bored and feeling stuck with nothing to do nearly seems impossible with cell phones and Netflix always available to us. But occasionally boredom hits, and it strikes hard.

Here are 20 entertaining things to do when you’re bored in case it seems like the seconds are just passing very slowly. Thanks to activities like completing a jigsaw puzzle, hosting your own wine tasting, setting up an Instagram account for your pet, or writing a blog, you won’t ever again have an excuse to exclaim, “I’m bored!”

Looking for fun ways to pass the time? We have your back.

Things To Do When Bored

  • Tie-dye T-shirts 

With your children, tie-dye white T-shirts in a coordinated color scheme. Have an inside photo session after the shirts are dry, then upload the results to Instagram.

  • Draw pictures in a coloring book

Coloring is no longer just for young children! Grab some colored pencils, a coloring book for adults with intricate drawings, and take in the passing time.

  • Create a scrapbook with your most recent family photos

Print the pictures from your most recent family vacation and put them all together in a special scrapbook that the whole family will treasure for years to come.

  • Create your own film

Make a video with your smartphone or recreate one with common home items. Editing software like iMovie can be used to put everything together.

  • Work with your kids to make slime

All you need is glue, eye contact solution, and food coloring to keep your kids occupied for hours. To keep the fun continuing, look out for the recipes for various types of slime.

  • Finish a book

Take out your favorite book off the shelf and read it cover to cover. If the book was made into a movie, watch it and make comparison notes.

  • Walk around

Exercise is not only good for your health, but it can also help you stop overthinking!

  • Prepare a dessert to bake

A freshly baked, warm cookie is the best thing ever. To bake a lot, use conventional recipes you might find online, or try coming up with your own.

  • Finish the jigsaw puzzle

Set up a little puzzle station in your living room so you can work on it in between watching Netflix.

  • Perform musically

Pick up and learn a modest instrument like the ukulele if your neighbors won’t mind.

  • Study a new language

Now is a fantastic time to start learning a foreign language for your upcoming trip thanks to free programs like Duolingo.

  • Start keeping a journal

A fantastic approach to working with difficult emotions and passing the time is to keep a journal or diary.

  • Find a new interest

A great approach to adding a unique touch to your clothes and home furnishings is through knitting or embroidery. Find out the ideal stitch for a circle scarf by watching these YouTube lessons.

  • Play a game you used to like as a kid

Playing one of your favorite childhood games will not only pass the time but also bring back some intense childhood nostalgia, whether it be a board game like Clue or a video game like Kingdom Hearts.

  • Make your own trademark drink

What would be in a beverage made in your honor? Create it and be sure to serve it at your upcoming dinner gathering.

  • Place a takeout order

Getting your favorite takeout will make your day more exciting, whether you want to have it delivered or pass the time by driving over.

  • Have a picnic inside

Instead of going outside, clear the living room, lay out a blanket, and prepare your own picnic meal inside.

  • Vegetable pickling

Sliced cucumbers, onions, and other vegetables should be placed in a mason jar with vinegar and seasonings. For certain pickled toppings, seal the jar and wait until your next BBQ before using it.

  • Complete your holiday shopping

Why not take care of it early this year and get started on your Christmas list if you’re still experiencing anxious holiday-related flashbacks?

  • Make a gratitude list

Consider all of your blessings and keep in mind that there is hope for the future. Make it extra special by using your favorite pen or adorable stationery.

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