2 Interesting Questions About Hell And Heaven

Here in this article, we are going to talk about 2 interesting questions about hell and heaven. And also learn what the Bible says about Heaven/Hell?

Will Heaven Really Have Roads of Gold?

The golden streets of heaven are often referred to in songs and poems but are hard to find in the Bible. There is only one verse in Scripture that defines streets of gold, as well as it is in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem: “… the street of the city was as pure gold as clear glass”. (Revelation 21:1, 21). So does this verse say whether the roads in heaven will really be of gold? And if so what exactly is the characteristic and significance of the streets of gold?

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The word “gold” is translated from the Greek word crucione, which can mean “gold, ornaments or layers of gold”. Therefore it would be appropriate to translate it as “gold”. In fact, interpretation problems often arise when people try to determine which parts of the Bible are used literally and which parts are to be taken as illustrations. The empirical rule when studying the Bible is that everything should be taken literally unless it imparts some other meaning. And in this chapter of Revelation, the apostle John is not randomly providing descriptive words. In the opening flows of Revelation 21, he is offered a stick to measure the city (v. 15), and also he specifically describes the wall of heaven as being made of jasper, and also the city is constructed of gold (v. 18). ). He likewise explains the structures of the walled wall surfaces, which include lots of unique precious stones and precious jewelry (knowledgeable 19– 20). Therefore, taking into account these characteristics, the description of the streets of gold appears to be correct.

If the roads to heaven are made of gold, then what is the point? First, pay attention to the sleeping position. When gold is revealed on earth, it is not the desired problem that the jewelry expert wants. To remove the impurity of gold, it is necessary to melt it, so that pure gold can be obtained from it. What John saw in heaven was such a quality of gold that it appears to be so transparent that it accurately illuminates the glorious glory of God. God’s ability is not only to purify gold; Rather, God would also purify all who would enter heaven through the blood of Jesus Christ in heaven. “If we confess our wrongs, he is faithful and simply to forgive our wrongs and also clean us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). God’s divine city is not only holy based upon its layout, but so are the people of that city.

Some scholars do not believe in the idea that the roads to heaven are gold. However, looking at this chapter firsthand, God has provided us with a passage in the middle of John’s revelation that finds no reason to doubt. However, in eternity our attention will seldom be focused on the treasures of the earth. Where humans chase gold treasures above the earth, it will one day be nothing more than just a source of gold roads for Christians in heaven. It doesn’t matter that no matter how many gems or precious things went into the making of heaven, it will never be greater than God, who loves us and died to save us.

Is it wrong to have a death wish?

Many individuals that are dealing with irreversible ailments, excruciating conditions, or extreme unhappiness or emotional pain, are concerned that they ought to pray to God to end their lives. Is this a form of self-destruction? If we pray to die, will God take us to paradise? The question also arises of whether such prayer is sinful.

The desire to escape pain, whether it is emotional or physical, is a human condition. Even the Lord Jesus Christ said such a prayer, “My Father if it is possible, may this cup be taken away from me: yet not as I wish, but as you wish it to be” (Matthew 26: 39). It was the humankind of Jesus that was talking. Jesus understood what lay ahead on the road to the cross, but noted that he had submitted himself to the will of God. In all things, Jesus submitted himself to the will of the Dad (John 5:30). In the Garden of Eden, Jesus affirmed that there are times when it is required to experience and that He voluntarily brought upon suffering because such was the will of the Daddy.

As Christians we ought to constantly pray, “May your desire be done.” No people will certainly pass away before our time.

David affirms the fact that all the days of our lives are planned by God and that nothing happens outside of God’s will: “Before all the days set for me are created, your book is written in” (Psalm 139:16). Instead of praying to die, it is best to pray to God for the power and also the grace to stand firm in whatever suffering we are encountering, and the moments and also details of our lives. trust God to determine.

Discomfort humbles us, as well as we don’t like to be modest or weak and also reliant. But when we ask, “Why me, Lord,” the response may be, “Why not you?” When born once again followers experience on this planet, God has a purpose for His suffering. His plans, as well as objectives, are perfect and divine, equally as He is excellent and divine. The psalmist tells us, “The way of God is perfect” (Psalm 18:30). If God’s ways are ideal, after that we can trust that everything He does– as well as every little thing He enables– will be excellent. It may not seem possible to us, but our hearts are not like the heart of God, as He reminds us of it in Isaiah 55:8-9.

The apostle Paul experienced a “thorn in the flesh”– a type of pain not defined in the Scriptures– and also three times prayed to the Lord to remove the thorn. Yet God, who can have eliminated Paul’s suffering in an instant, selected not to do so. She reminded Paul that this “thorn” in his body was placed in him to keep him from being proud and not to fall into “arrogance because of the abundance of revelations” so that he would not be tempted to exalt himself. Go. But God did not leave him alone to bear this pain. God made sure with him that his grace was “sufficient” for him and that God was glorified because of Paul’s dependence on him. Paul’s action to these truths was to enjoy his weakness and also suffering, for they glorify God when the miracle of his power and power is demonstrated (2 Corinthians 12:7– 10). Therefore, we should rely on God and find rest in Him rather than hoping to avoid any kind of pain that comes from death. His objective is experiencing will certainly always bring His magnificence as well as a true blessing to us.

When we are under the extreme stress of suffering, we sometimes feel like we can not move on any longer. But God reminds us that no pain or trial falls upon a Christian that no one has gone through before. Other followers have experienced enduring that can not be minimized by contemporary medication. Many other believers have faced persecution and abominable death at the hands of God’s opponents. Other believers were left alone and abandoned; Some people have been put in prison because of their testimony. So we are not alone. However God is constantly faithful, as well as He will not permit us to deal with tests or discomforts that we can not deal with and will provide us a way of escape so that we can sustain (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Lastly, to answer the question of whether praying to pass away is wicked, “anything that is not by belief is wrong” (Romans 14:23). To put it simply, if our inner man says it is transgression, after that it is sin for us. Also, there is this passage of Scripture, which says, “Therefore it is a sin for anyone who knows how to do good and does not” (James 4:17). There is just one wrong that maintains us out of paradise, which transgression is to turn down the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. But praying to God to grant us death can be a sin because doing so shows us our lack of faith. Instead, a better prayer would be, “Lord, you have promised to sustain me through any temptation. I ask you to ease my suffering or give me a way to survive it.” But in all these things your will is not mine, but yours. Amen.”


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