13 Best Things to Do in Fredericksburg VA You’ll Love (2022)

Fredericksburg VA

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, history wakes up. Situated on the east coast, along the Atlantic Ocean, this staggering state is one of the first thirteen settlements of North America.

We should plunge into every one of the captivating activities in Fredericksburg, VA.

13 Fantastic Things to do in Fredericksburg VA

1. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park

This public park in Virginia honors four significant fights battled in the American Civil War: Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania.

There are various landmarks and remembrances situated inside the recreation area, including the 127th Pennsylvania Volunteer Monument, the Fifth Corps Monument, and the Humphreys’ Division Monument. It likewise houses four significant structures that held importance during the Civil War: Chatham Manor, Ellwood Manor, Salem Church, and the house where Stonewall Jackson passed on.

2. Fredericksburg National Cemetery

Fredericksburg National Cemetery is situated inside the National Military Park. It’s the last resting spot of in excess of 15,000 Union fighters, yet of those bodies, somewhere around 2,500 are recognized.

3. James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library

The James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library praise the life and accomplishments of the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe. It opened in 1927 and was made by his immediate relatives.

The structure is the site where the late president held an office and specialized in legal matters. It presently houses an enormous assortment of relics and legacies. Find all that from Monroe’s old letters and records to the plates he utilized at his supper table. It shows a more private side of the President and is a must-visit for all set of experiences buffs.

4. Focal Rappahannock Heritage Center

Focal Rappahannock Heritage Center is a little gallery that respects the social history of Fredericksburg and the encompassing regions. While this Virginian city is known for its set of experiences in the Civil War, this neighborhood exhibition hall centers around the more basic parts of life

Be that as it may, this nearby historical center spotlights on the more straightforward parts of life. Visitors can see things like old love letters, neighborhood legal disputes, individual photos, and other tokens and mementos from the past.

5. Kenmore

The Kenmore manor is a progressive War-time Georgian-style block house. It was worked during the 1770s by Fielding Lewis and his better half Betty Washington Lewis, the sister of Tours of this interesting chateau take visitors around the primary story and the kitchen. You’ll feel as though you’ve ventured back in time as you appreciate the rich, unique goods. Furthermore, remember to admire wonder about Kenmore’s unique hand-cut mortar roofs. The detail and masterfulness are unparalleled.

6. Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor is a rich Georgian-style house that was finished in 1771. Throughout the long term, it has been the site of a few significant verifiable occasions. In 1805, it was the site of a slave defiance.

During the American Civil War, the house was utilized as a base camp and emergency clinic for the Union side. It was likewise a landmark. The conflict went out despondently, however in the mid twentieth century it was painstakingly reestablished to its previous greatness.

Today, guests of Chatham Manor can investigate the grounds, nurseries, and sheds. Within the house is shut to the general population.

7. George Washington’s Ferry Farm

Ship Farm is the name of the ranch that was once the home of George Washington. It’s where the primary leader of the United States spent quite a bit of his experience growing up. The house that presently stands is a reproduction of the first form.

 In 2008, archeologists found survives from Washington’s home, which had torched in a fire at some point during the 1740s. From 2015 to 2018 a copy house was worked over the first establishment.

8. Fredericksburg Area Museum

The Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM) courses of events the historical backdrop of Fredericksburg. It’s housed in the notable Town Hall/Market House which was worked in 1816.

The assortment incorporates objects from the early Native American clans as far as possible up to later occasions, similar to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

9. Focal Park Fun Land of Fredericksburg

On the off chance that you’re searching for activities in Fredericksburg with kids, this fascination is only the ticket. Fun Land of Fredericksburg is a family fun focus that all ages will appreciate.

Their indoor attractions incorporate everything from laser tag to smaller than expected bowling, arcade games, and, surprisingly, an indoor thrill ride. Outside, you’ll find go-karts, batting confines, sideshow attractions, smaller than expected golf, and that’s just the beginning.

10. Mary Washington House

The Mary Washington House is an eighteenth century house historical center. It’s where the mother of George Washington, Mary Ball Washington, resided towards the finish of her life. The principal president bought the house for his mom in 1772 for 275 pounds.

The house, as well as the nursery, are available to guests for visits. It shows period furniture and a few of Ms Washington’s own belongings, including a mirror she considered her “best dressing glass”.

11. Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop

The Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop was a mid-eighteenth century drug store. It was possessed by Hugh Mercer, a specialist and Scottish worker who had close connections to George Washington.

The old pharmacist has been transformed into a historical center. It shows displays and things connected with pilgrim medication practices and medicines. It likewise incorporates data connected with Mercer’s life and his job in the American Revolutionary War.

12. Shannon Air Museum

The Shannon Air Museum is a must-visit for all flying fans. It contains one of the world’s most uncommon assortments of classic airplane. It additionally houses the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

13. Alum Spring Park

Alum Spring Park is the ideal spot to extend your legs and appreciate the regular view of Fredericksburg.

This calm public space offers different strolling ways and cleared trails. There are likewise seats where you can unwind and appreciate the lush scene and shallow stream that moves through the area.

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