10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

When you think that nothing new can appear in the world of Social Media Marketing, a new year comes and surprises us with trends that will change the way we relate to others through social networks. Broadcasting a live event or sharing content with an expiration date will be more and more common. Do you want to know all the social media marketing trends for the coming year?

The moment most awaited by some has arrived: The time to take stock at the end of the year. Mecano already said it a long time ago in his song “One more year” with the balance of the good and bad. Lists of trends and forecasts that try to guess what the lines will be that mark the steps to follow in the next 12 months.

Live streaming video

You used to make a video or an image to indicate how you are, where you are, and with whom. It worked great, but it is not enough now. Now broadcasting live events is the perfect tool to build trust and thus promote the credibility of the content that is happening. More and more users, both personally and professionally, are hosting live events and sharing them through Periscope and Facebook Live. This trend radically changes the way we share our experiences.

Chatbots that change our conversations

Chatbots are systems designed to simulate autonomous human conversation. This technology offers flexibility in automating tasks and assisting in data collection. This artificial intelligence software is designed to perform some tasks on its own and without the need for a human being. The most frequent model is the chatbot, a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a person that is increasingly present in messaging applications. They are becoming a key way to improve the consumer experience as it seeks to deliver better customer service.

Increasingly ephemeral social content

The challenge for many companies is to attract attention without producing information saturation and without incurring a large expense. Generating content to attract the attention of the online user becomes a battle between big brands. Based on the success of Snapchat and its ephemeral content, Instagram tries to compete with “stories”, where content with an expiration date is also mandatory. At the moment the two coexist, it may be that 2022 is the year in which one of the two wins the battle, or perhaps they join forces with technology. Who knows.

Consolidation of Social Networks

Next year we will see acquisitions of the type Facebook, Instagram, OculusRift, purchases such as Periscope by Twitter, or the one made by Microsoft with LinkedIn. Twitter, for example, wants to tie the knot with the giant of CRM solutions, Salesforce.

Social organic traffic is getting more and more complicated

Media is increasingly becoming a means of payment for brands. Little space with too much content to display. To do this, brands can:

  • Optimize content for search engines through relevant positioning for the user.
  • Build email lists to reach specific audiences through Facebook, Google, and Twitter advertising.
  • Use low-cost Growth Hacking to generate visibility at a low price.

Automation has become conventional.

There are automation platforms that are essential to work on segmented marketing. These tools are becoming easier to use, more comprehensive, and intuitive.

Personalization of contents.

Customization is going to be a priority. The tools used in ad content creation or advertising are getting smarter, and as people become more resistant to mass advertising. Personalized content in time, place, and user.

Increase of Influencers. The presence of influencers grows and becomes more and more popular. These celebrities are the new commercials with which brands create alliances.

Transparency as a new business model.

Social media transform the business into a trust economy. Making a mistake or receiving a complaint was something private in the past. Online visibility turns social networks into a facilitator for users to communicate with the company and also to air dirty laundry. It is already a fact that users, for example, read reviews before going to a restaurant or a hotel.

Consolidation of artificial intelligence and the rise of bots.

Tagging friends on social networks through artificial recognition software or company-candidate “intelligent matching” on LinkedIn is becoming more and more common.


Therefore, we can say that 2023 will be a year of consolidating many technological trends. The next step is to analyze each of them and determine how they can affect a business or user level. We must not lose sight of all these lines, as they will change the way we work with brands and with which we reach consumers. Many challenges are presented for the new year, aiming to offer the best to the user.

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