10 Shapewear Varieties You Should Be Aware Of

Shapewear is an undergarment used to shape or sculpt your body, manage your belly, and adjust it as needed. It aids in the creation of a sleek silhouette that emphasizes your contours. You can purchase different types of shapewear at Debras Australia.

What Kinds Of Shapewear Are There?

Following are the different types of shapewear:

Controlling Camisoles

The most popular shapewear is controlling camisoles. They are straightforward and aid with tummy control. These are ideal for those who don’t want to wear controlling trousers but still want to streamline their breasts for a seam-free look from their shoulders to their hips.

Controlling Tights

Controlling Tights are an all-in-one solution for individuals looking for belly tucker shapewear that also tucks your thighs and bottom. This may be worn beneath any dress or skirt.

Controlling Shorts

Controlling Shorts are comparable to Controlling Tights in that they do belly tucker shapewear as well as tucking your thighs and bottom. However, it is an excellent choice for wearing underneath a short dress or skirt.


Corsets have been worn for centuries, but that doesn’t make them out of date! Corset belts and dresses are back in style, as seen on a lot of celebrities. However, the major purpose of a corset was to trim your waist while molding your belly.

These detachable ones are simple to put on and may be used with your regular bra. Corsets are also available in a seamless form.


Body shapers are the greatest option if you want a full-coverage shaper that shapes both your torso and your breasts. For regular use, use a light-but-firm material. This is an absolute must-have.

These may be used under any length of dress or skirt. Bodyshapers do not require the use of a bra.


Singlets are ideal for wearing a plunging bra beneath since they allow you to wear whichever bra you desire. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from which to pick. If you prefer a nicer alternative, go for a lacy one.

Half Slips

Control Slips are another name for half slips. This is ideal for wearing a little dress or skirt. It also appears to be a pencil skirt. It contours your waist, belly, and thighs. They’re quite comfy to wear.

Dress Slip

The Dress Slips, like half slips, are ideal for wearing underneath a tiny dress and give complete support from the breast to the hips. Dress slips offer complete coverage and an extra layer of support. You don’t need to wear an additional bra because they normally come with one built-in. There are also many neck-line possibilities.

Control Pants

Control Pants are an excellent choice for cinching your belly and slimming your waist. These trousers are ideal for a pear-shaped physique! Control pants go with anything, including dresses, skirts, jeans, and pants. This is the best option if you need to wear shapewear under your lehenga!

Arm Shaper

Arm Shapers are ideal for wearing under a long-sleeved shirt or dress. Arm Shaper is a wonderful alternative if you have big arms and wish to tone them. It provides mild control and may be worn with or without a bra.

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