10 Best Orange Haired Anime Characters

Orange Haired Anime Characters

Coloured hair is a visual symbol of personality in the anime world. The hair colour of your favourite girls often tells something about their identity, and it certainly leaves a lasting impression on us. When we try to remember them, we usually do so by the colour of their hair.

Orange is one of the best hair colours for Anime girls. It was also a key part of three actresses in the recent blockbuster movie, Orange is the new Black. Though not as well known, orange hair makes for some of the most beautiful anime characters with colorful hair in existence. We’ll let you know about the top 10 orange-haired anime characters out there!

  1. Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Orange is the official colour of Bleach itself — and you may already know this, but we love to mention it anyway! Starting from the protagonist’s orange-coloured hair, through to some other important side characters with orange hair, all of them are important elements of the story. Oh, Rangiku Matsumoto was one of them who also acted as the lieutenant of the 10th division.

  1. Shirley Fenette (Code Geass)

Shirley Fenette was a normal 17-year-old schoolgirl who liked sitting on the grass and gazing at the starry sky. She was an active student who participated in various extracurricular activities and did well in her studies. Her friends found her to be a nice girl, although she got a little grumpier than usual when people envied her for being with Lelouch, even though she really wasn’t.

  1. Chiyo Sakura (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun)

Nozaki-kun is a Japanese comedy series that follows the life of high school student, Nozaki Umetaro. Umetaro has written an acclaimed shoujo manga, and frequently asks his classmate, Sakura Chiyo to model for him as his female protagonist. Their friends and classmates often comment on their relationship.

  1. Asuna (Sword Art Online)

The slender, orange-haired Asuna from anime Sword Art Online came to fame as the silver-tongued swordswoman nicknamed “The Flash”. After years of hard work in the game, she was promoted to sub-leader of the Knights of Blood. She’s a favorite waifu for many fans!

Although Sword Art Online’s Asuna changed outfits on a regular basis, she always remained an energetic person who fought fiercely with her opponents. Her chemistry with Kirito is also one of the most memorable aspects of the anime, which I personally found absolutely endearing — and it probably was the best thing in anime history, too.

  1. Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka is the pilot of Unit-02, and comes from a mixed heritage. She’s always been a genius since her childhood and has been training to command the Evangelion unit since long ago. Asuka takes a lot of pride in being a pilot of the Eva unit, but she tends to look down on others for thinking they are weak. Her red plugsuit has come to represent her as a person through its constant presence throughout the third film.

  1. Yui Kiriyama (Kokoro Connect)

When Yui Kiriyama isn’t being a karate champ, she’s just a plain ol’ “girly girl”, who is also into cute, adorable things. One day (as you find out in the first episode of Kokoro Connect) she finds that her inner self is actually a five-year-old boy. This discovery, however, does not indicate that she is weak in any way.

  1. Nakiri Erina (Food Wars)

Nakiri Erina is the top-rated orange haired waifu in the world. Known to be a goddess of taste, she possesses a mouth that can make anyone fall in love with her cuisine. She is far and above every other student of Totsuki Academy, having occupied a seat in the Elite Ten Council since her freshman year.

Erina comes from a very affluent family, and is accustomed to dealing with the best in everything — be it furniture, or any other product or service. Erina has always been used to the best in everything, which may also make her come across as snobish at times.

  1. Itori (Tokyo Ghoul)

Itori was a ghoul-human hybrid and had one of the most mysterious appearances. The other ghouls wore masks to disguise themselves from the CCG, and Itori choose not to wear one. However, she made sure that her face was always covered by her hair. Her peach-orange hair was often hidden in a bun style, so that people didn’t recognise that she was a ghoul.

She had a fun and playful personality; she was able to take on any persona like a toy, play with it, and extract the information she needed. Her ability came in handy when she was first introduced to us at Helter Skelter Bar. There she played Kaneki like a puppet and extracted a vital piece of information — just the tip of the iceberg!

  1. Nami (One Piece)

Nami seems to have gone through hell in One Piece and that’s where her strength lies—in her inner strength. She was a liability to the Straw Hat pirates when she joined them, but now she’s one of their best fighters! Her character growth is pretty sweet, wouldn’t you say?

Nami’s importance to the crew is a common element of One Piece. Her navigation skills and ability to keep everyone else in check is invaluable. She also gets her own subplot every few arcs, so she’s always a key character in any situation.

  1. Itsuka Kendo (My Hero Academia)

Itsuka Kendo is a girl from Japan who is the class representative of Class 1-B in My Hero Academia. Class 1-B has always been in the shadow of Class 1-A, but Itsuka almost changed that through her spirited nature and leadership skills. Her main abilities are Big Fist and Maximum Crushing – the latter of which allows her to enhance her strength to lift crumbling buildings off of people or punch villains away with a single fist.

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